Replica Hexa K500 + Q500 Review


When considering Hexa’s dive replica watches, you immediately have to decide whether or not you are down with the crown being located between the 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock markers. It’s not a conventional placement, but it’s also not on the part of the replica watch that might dig into your hand — a bonus in my book. It’s a bold design decision and since I applaud messing with convention, count me in.


But if you are that sensitive in general, the Hexa probably isn’t for you. These replica watches definitely go better with the guy who drives a F150, not for the guy who carries a copy of “Pride and Prejudice” in his back pocket. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, let’s get to total package. Hexa’s automatic K500 and its quartz sibling the Q500 are utilitarian tool divers that borrow visual cues from the Sinn U1. There are lots of sharp angles throughout the replica watches, which share the same case shape. If these replica watches were a human body, they would have a low body fat percentage.


Rated to 500 meters, Hexa offers a highly functional dive replica watch that will appeal to people who are ready to backpack the globe — or those who want to get the adventurer look. My outings with both replica watches involved playgrounds and swing sets instead of the Great Barrier Reef, and the Hexas served me well in the unspoken contest of dads who still want to look cool. And there would be no doubt the Hexas would be conversation pieces on a group dive.

HEXA_K500_Q500_GRID1Case: Brushed or Matte Steel
Movement: Seiko Instruments NE15 for $750 or Miyota quartz for $350
Dial: Black (automatic version), Grey (quartz version)
Lume: Lum-Tec C3
Lens: Sapphire (flat)
Strap: In-house Italian rubber and 5-link engineer style bracelet
Water Res.: 500M
Dimensions: 44 x 51mm
Thickness: 14.75 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Crown: 6 x 6 mm
Warranty: 2 year
Price: $663 rubber only/$738 w/bracelet option added (automatic), $350/$424 (quartz)

Made of 316L surgical steel, the chunky case is unapologetically modern. It’s a piece of metal that only has curvature where it needs to. The 45 x 51mm case diameter fits modern sport replica watch standards and definitely takes up most of my 6.5-inch wrist.


The before-mentioned crown on the upper left hand side uses integrated crown guards that seamlessly match the lines of the rest of the case. Functionally, you can set your replica watch off the wrist pretty easily. However, the crown guards are sharp, so it doesn’t make for the most pleasant crown turning experience.

Hexa offers several bezel finish options including bead-blasted and PVD. It has an easy-grip design (5mm thick) with protruding squared edges. The look really pops and from a far away glance, it’s clear it’s a serious dive replica watch. The 60-click bezel rotates with strong positive clicks that inspires confidence. The numbers around the bezel sit on the outside of the bezel, making it easy to read elapsed times.


The K500 came with a black PVD bezel that contrast nicely with the case and matches the dial, which is accented with a red minute hand and 500m on the dial. As Michael Jordan proved, red and black go quite well together. As sharp as the K500 looks, the grey dialed Q500 combined with a bead-blasted case is a standout color combo that is dramatically subdued. It’s a particular hue of gray that gets noticed without any need to shout.

It’s a bit of a cop out to not state a preference for case finish style, but I truly enjoy both finishes equally. Also adding to the functionality of the replica watches, drilled lug holes make strap changing a pleasure.


Hexa lets us know that its dial designs employ “numerical letterforms based on interstate signage – designed to be absorbed at quick glance.” Well, it works — very well. In fact the sweeping seconds hand with a rectangular tip and straight edge hands and markers all add up to an easy-to-read dial. The Lum-Tec branded C3 Superluminova is no joke as a quick night run to my local bodega lit up my entire walk home on dark streets.

Everything about the dial is straightforward and designed with a commendable minimalism. The date window just below 4 o’clock is a smartly placed out of the way for maximum time telling ability.


I must gush about the grey dial on the Q500. The particular shade of grey Hexa chose is so classy and gives the entire piece an elegant air. As much as the interplay between the PVD and brushed surfaces works on the K500, the grey dialed quartz replica watch, which employs a vertical 500m signifier at 6 o’clock, is a scene stealer. It’s really different without trying too hard to stand out.

Both replica watches come equipped with a flat 3mm sapphire crystal with inner anti-reflective coating that matches the functional esthetic. No complaints in this department.


The choice of the 6R15 movement is solid. Hand-windable and hacking, it’s been proven in the field and is known to be reliable as far as timekeeping. Fans applaud its stated 55-hour power reserve. The Miyota quartz had no issues and at the below $500 price point is a reasonable spec.

Hexa regulates its autos in 6 positions before shipping. That little bit of extra effort will certainly earn an allegiance for this small brand.

Straps and Wearability
First off, the bracelet is superb, a bit difficult to adjust, but once it’s on it wears well with on-the-fly adjustability through a solid ratcheting clasp. I happen to like the small five-link (engineer) style for its tough looks and heft. If you are a bracelet guy, get the bracelet.


That said a nice rubber such as the Italian straps Hexa provides fit the serious-business motif better. These are thick, durable vanilla-scented numbers, available in rich black, red, dark grey and olive green. While not everyone can pull-off a red rubber strap, the grey and green versions offered a subtle pop and contrasted well with the replica watch head.

Paired with rubber was also the most comfortable setup for me as I have smaller wrists with flat tops (for your reference). I never really noticed the weight of the replica watch on my wrist, but I would not give these replica watches any extra credit for comfort. Like most aspects of these 500s, the job gets done.



The black Pelican-style case is a highlight of purchasing from Hexa. I don’t get excited about how a replica watch is presented very often, but these replica watches are packaged to look like something Q would hand Bond. With dual latches that flip open and a bombproof construction, Hexa’s presentation lets its buyers feel like they are about to unleash a purpose-built piece of machinery.



Like the Cubism movement in art, Hexa is challenging conventional forms of representation of what a dive replica watch should look like. For those who value precision and modern-looking shapes, the Hexa is a match for your wrist. Both replica watches are defiantly distinct in appearance.

In the very-competitive $700 dive replica watch market, I must commend the company for not doing things the safe route. The Q500 for $350 may be priced on the higher end with a conventional quartz movement, especially with Citizen’s Eco-Drive (solar) quartz technology offerings that often are priced below the $200 range. For its unique design and dial color, the Hexa quartz makes a lot of sense for those want the look, but aren’t willing to pony up for the K500‘s asking price. Considering it keeps the water resistance and build quality of its mechanical sibling, $350 actually makes quite a bit of sense.


Behind the scenes I can picture these guys deciding to create a dive replica watch they would want to wear–not what they think people would want to wear. Both the K500 and Q500 represent that new breed of small batch productions that pack in a lot features at a fair price point. Now whether you can live with that crown position is a very personal choice.

by Li Wang

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Replica Ancon M26 Tank Hands-On


You shouldn’t name a replica watch after a war machine without being pretty sure it lives up to it. Luckily, that’s not an issue with the Ancon M26 Tank, which is amongst the largest and beefiest replica watches we’ve had the pleasure of testing out. As with the Sea Shadow we looked at previously, the Tank is a hodge-podge of referential designs in a massive case that is meant to aesthetically emote mid century military machines. Whether a battleship or a tank, these replica watches are low on subtly and high on style, mixing raw materials and dark colors to make something unapologetically masculine and fun to wear. For a big ass bronze replica watch with a domed sapphire crystal and a Miyota 9015 movement, the Ancon M26 Tank is also decently priced at $839.


ANCON_TANK_FACE1Case: CuSn8 Bronze
Movement: Miyota 9015
Dial: Green
Lume: Yes
Crystal: Domed Sapphire Crystal
Strap: Italian Leather + Canvas
Water Res.: 200M
Dimensions: 45 x 56mm
Thickness: 13 – 17 mm
Lug Width: 26mm
Crown: Screw down 8 x 5mm
Warranty: Yes
Weight: 135g w/o strap
Price: $839 w/ shipping in US


Jumping right in, the fun starts with the seemingly bullet proof solid bronze case. Measuring a whopping 45 x 56 x 13mm (Ancon say 17mm on their site, but that is deceptive, as it is a total height, rather than the area from case back to crystal) this thing isn’t joking around. The design is also altogether fascinating. The Tank has a jagged design, with strange slab lugs and a large bezel that simultaneously looks like the missing piece from a machine somewhere or some sort of dangerous antique. If you saw this on a shelf in a weird old junk shop, you’d expect the owner to scowl at you and tell you not to touch (ok, I’ve replica watched way too many 80’s horror movies).


From above, the case is dominated by the 47mm wide, sculptural bezel. Made of solid bronze with engraved markers, the 120-click uni-directional bezel is more aesthetic than functional. The mechanism is decent, though a bit easier to turn than I wanted with such a massive replica watch. The look is awesome though, speaking to a time before fancy insert materials. It’s also got quite a bit of Panerai in there without being a 1:1 copy. Otherwise, the top view only reveals the uncommon lug design. Rather than protruding outwards, they more come down, with a flat surface that faces outwards from the luxury replica watch, giving the whole case a bit of a barrel shape.

Ancon used this open space for some branding, engraving “M26” on the side towards the wearer and a large “Ancon” logo on the opposite side. I go back and forth on how I feel about this. On one hand, it’s an interesting detail that is uncommon, adding texture and a bit of technical appeal, that simply looks cool. On the other, it turns the side of the replica watch into a billboard for the brand, though one doesn’t see that side much themselves. In would have liked to have seen the details typically reserved for the case back engraved here instead, like some sort of spec list.


The side of the replica watch looks like a short bridge, with large lugs coming down like supports at a sharp angle and a thick span between them. Moving up, the eye is lead across the interestingly shaped bezel and finally to the beautifully domed sapphire crystal. The sheer thickness of the central case is worth marveling at…so much bronze. It looks like you could run it over with truck and it would be no worst for the wear.

On the right side, at 3 is a very large onion-esque crown, also made of solid bronze, that measures 8 x 5mm. It’s another interesting piece, with nice details that make it unique. It’s a screw down crown, which adds to the solidity of the case, with a shape that tapers on both sides, giving it a squat barrel form. It is also signed on the outside face with a small Ancon “A” logo that looks good. Often bronze replica watches use steel or titanium crowns to prevent the bronze from touching your skin. I happen to think the bronze crown looks awesome, especially as it has patinated, though I did notice some green on my skin. Similarly, the display case back is steel with an aperture rather than bronze.The Miyota 9015 within is stock save an Ancon logo on the rotor, but alway enjoyable to look at.


Unfortunately, as is the case with the Sea Shadow, this too is a recycled design by another brand. VintageVDB, which is a bespoke European brand, used this case on a replica watch from 2012. Though the overall implementation is different, such as having the crown at 12 and different lug size, and different bezel, the similarity is clear. I asked Ancon about this, and they say they have a patent in HK for the design…


There are two dial options for the tank, both of which are available in multiple colors. We went with the “mark 1” dial in military green, because its Explorer-esque design really clicked with the overall aesthetic. It’s a very simple and purposeful design with a clean layout and font. The main index consists of rectangular markers and numerals for 3, 6, 9 and 12 in a cream colored lume that looks great with the bronze case and green surface underneath. This layout, as well as the font used, is very similar to the Explorer design, though they used a 12 numeral instead of a triangle. On the outer edge of the dial, in faux-gilt, is a minutes index with small lines, which terminates the dial well.


Between 4 and 5 you’ll find your standard date window, which presents a white on black date. Unnecessary, though not unwelcome, the date window throws the symmetry a bit, but the dial is so large that it seems insignificant. The text on the dial is prominent, but not distracting. Just below 12 is an Ancon logo (which is surprisingly decent looking) and the text “M26 Tank”. Just above 6 is a small block of text that is more or less ripped directly from the dials of early Tudor Submariners, such as the ref 7928. Here, the text reads “660ft – 200m”, “Rotor” and “Self-Winding”, all 3 of which appear on the Tudors, but the tell-tale detail is the curved “Self-Winding”.

Ancon’s style is to take various known elements and stitch them together to create Chimeras of sorts. It’s odd as the replica watch as a whole is not an homage, yet the details they take work well together. It’s hard to say whether or not they intend/expect people to identify the individual parts and their sources, but I do think that it is important to be aware of such things. The use of the Tudor layout works well on the dial, no-doubt, but it’s a pretty blatant copy and paste element here, which is a bit unfortunate. I wish they had at least changed the words.


The M26 Tank sports the same straight sword hands as the Sea Shadow, with split lume filling. The gold tone looks great against the dial and the hands are well proportioned.

Straps and Wearability

The best thing, and I mean absolute best thing, about the Ancon M26 Tank is how well it wears. If you’re a regular reader of w&w, you’ll know that as much as I try, large replica watches just don’t look or feel right on my wrist. So my own collection steers towards smaller replica watches, probably averaging 40mm. The Tank, despite it’s 45mm case and 47mm bezel diameter, wears very well on my 7″ wrist. The trick is the severe downward angle of the lugs and barrel shape.


When you strap the replica watch on, it sort of hugs on to your wrist, conforming to the natural shape, despite its blunt, boxy design. What you get is a replica watch that fits nicely and is quite comfortable. Basically, this is the big replica watch for guys with somewhat smaller wrists. That said, it will still fit larger wrists, though at a certain point I imagine the lugs would start to dig in. As far as presence goes, like its namesake, you see this replica watch coming from a mile away. It’s big, chunky and bold, yet the bronze and green dial are pleasantly understated.

Adding to the comfort, the M26 Tank features 26mm lugs and comes with 2 great straps. First is a hearty, dark Italian leather, with a matte finish, black edges and cream stitching. The warm, chocolatey brown brings out the color of the bronze nicely, and the rugged design works with the overall aggressive aesthetic. The strap features a very thick, bronze pre-V buckle as well, tying the whole thing together.


The second strap, and perhaps my preferred, is made of a drab olive green canvas with black leather lining. The simple, textured canvas plays off of the rawness of patinated bronze, emphasizes the case color and brings out the dial. Since 26mm NATOs are uncommon, and would likely make the replica watch a bit more cumbersome, this canvas strap achieves a similar aesthetic. It also will make for a more comfortable option during the summer. The replica watch only comes with one buckle, so you do need to swap it between straps, but that is easy enough.

In both cases, this is a replica watch that is best complimented by similarly robust and rugged clothing. Heavy canvas shirts, jeans, boots, etc… Think Carhart and Chippewa with this guy. This is a great colder weather replica watch, that while casual, would still work in a more laid back office environment. Just don’t expect to fit this under a shirt sleeve.


There is something very satisfying about the Ancon M26 Tank. Like eating meat from the bone, it scratches an itch you might not have realized you had. Something primal, manly. The warm yet drab colors, blunt no-nonsense details, and raw elements make this beastly replica watch unique, yet stylish. The mix of known elements, as with the Sea Shadow, simply works. If you can swallow the lack of originality and that they quite likely copied someone else’s case design, you will really enjoy the overall look and especially the feel. If everyone needs at least one oversized replica watch in their collection (debatable) this is a strong contender. Wearing it right now, I am still amazed by the fact that it is comfortable and doesn’t look silly on my 7″ wrist.


The other strong argument for this replica watch is the value. at $839 shipped (US, Canada, Asia), it’s a pretty decent deal for what it has going on. Bronze, sapphire, Miyota 9015, 2 great straps and seemingly bullet proof construction. While not cheap, it’s also not overpriced and seems to add up. So, in the end, this is very enjoyable replica watch, though the potential plagiarism is an issue that certainly could deter a lot of people, and personally has me a bit torn.

Dear Ancon, you know how to get a nice replica watch built and you seem to have great taste in terms of styling, now just come up with your own damn case designs and you’ll be set!

by Zach Weiss

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Replica Halios Tropik B Micro-Brand Dive Review

In the world of micro-brand dive replica watches, originality is often hard to find. Sure, on the pricier end of the scale one can find companies like UTS making unique and reliable divers. On the lower end, however, most boutique brands offer replica watches that, while certainly affordable and well made, lack a certain creative spark. If not outright homages, many implement tried and true design elements or use off-the-shelf cases, resulting in timepieces that cannibalize one another and already existing popular models.

That’s where Halios comes in. Founded by Jason Lim, Halios is a brand out of Vancouver that’s developed a real following by those in the know in the replica watch community. That’s because Halios is beloved for their original dive replica watches (remember the “Puck?”) developed from the ground up and sold to you at a fraction of the cost. And their replica watches are limited productions, so once they’re gone, they’re truly gone.


2013 was a big year for Halios, announcing not one, but three models: the Tropik B, the Tropik SS, and the Delfin. The Tropik SS (Stainless Steel) and Delfin have yet to be released, but the Tropik B (Bronze) has been available for a few months now and is on its way to selling out. Being in the market for a bronze replica watch myself but having a hard time finding anything that caught my eye, the Tropik B was a breathe of fresh air and I scooped one up as soon as I could. So, is this piece worth your hard earned money? Let’s take a look.

HALIOS_FACE1Case: Aluminum Bronze
Movement: Miyota 9015
Dial: Granite Grey (Tobacco brown and green also available)
Lume: BGW9
Crystal: Domed Sapphire Crystal with AR
Strap: Brown Horween leather strap with pre-v buckle
Water Res.: 300M
Dimensions: 41 x 48mm
Thickness: 14 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Crown: Screw down crown with Halios logo
Warranty: Yes
Price: $675 plus shipping


Coming in at 41mm wide and 14mm thick, the cushion-shaped case is a reasonable size by modern standards. It isn’t a wrist clock by any means, but the thickness ensures a formidable presence when worn. The case design also makes it an ideal fit for those of us with smaller wrists, as the lugs curve down and are quite short with a lug-to-lug distance of 48mm. Basic dimensions aside, the case is truly a work of art and posses a congruity of design and proportion that rivals more expensive brands. When looking at the profile, you can see that all parts of the case work together with no single component overpowering the rest. For example, the height of the bezel is tempered by its shape and gentle slope, the latter of which helps integrate the bezel with the beautifully sloped sapphire crystal. Likewise, the slope of the bezel and crystal flow harmoniously with the curvature of the lugs. One of my favorite details is the contrast between the finely brushed case and the striking polished edge of the bezel, calling attention to a level of detail and care rarely seen in replica watches at this price.


Made from aluminum bronze, the case boasts an attractive yellow tone that under certain light conditions looks less like bronze and more like stainless steel. Aluminum bronze has some unique benefits that make it an attractive alloy, including higher strength and corrosion resistance (especially in sea water) and lower oxidation rates. Fear not you patina nuts; the Tropik B will still develop a beautiful patina over time. As you can tell from the photos, the slowly developing patina is dark grey and offers a beautiful contrast to the golden tones of the case.

The only parts of the case that aren’t bronze are the case back and the crown. The case back, however, is beautiful on its own, detailing the replica watch specs (water resistance of 300 meters) and featuring an etched Capricorn. The crown is signed with the Halios logo (3 crescent moons in a tri formation facing outwards) against black paint. The crown action is a bit gritty, but otherwise feels secure and reliable.


Dial and Hands

The dial on the Tropik B is a wonderful example of the less-is-more philosophy. By abandoning the frill that is increasingly common in modern dive replica watches, Halios achieved in creating a dial where a few distinct details go a long way in making the Tropik B an attractive piece. Other than the brand name (“Halios”) and the model name (“Tropik”), the dial is free of extraneous text. Instead, the replica watch wows with golden applied indices and hands that light up when the dial catches the light. Halios also opted to go with BGW9 (blue) Superluminova-coated hands and dial markers, contributing further to the already clean look of the dial. For the lume-lovers out there, I can guarantee that the lume glows into the wee hours of the morning.


One of the nicest details on the dial, and it’s something that a number of replica watch manufactures get wrong regardless of their price range, is the matching color (grey in my case) of the date wheel. This attention to detail goes a long way in maintaining the symmetry of the dial without losing the utility of a date window. Though I opted for the granite grey dial, Halios also offers tobacco brown and green (I’m sad to say that both the grey and the green are now sold out). The grey dial, depending on the light, can look either grey or brown and works well with the warm tones of the case.


The Tropik B is powered by the Miyota 9015. Due to the ETA squeeze, Halios has made the switch to using reliable Japanese engines, with the 9015 being the most promising alternative to the ETA 2892. As most of you already know, the 9015 hacks, has a beat rate of 28,800 bph, and can be hand wound. Though fairly new, the 9015 has proven itself as a robust option capable of excellent timekeeping. My Tropik B runs well within COSC specifications, and according to the Halios thread on replica watchuseek, it looks like my replica watch isn’t unique in that regard.


Straps and Packaging

The replica watch comes on a brown Horween leather strap with a pre-v buckle. The leather is of the pull-up variety, and will patinate beautifully over time. Having said that, I don’t think the strap is ideal for the replica watch, given that the Tropik B is somewhat of a dressy diver and the strap is rugged in both size (22mm with no taper) and design (unfinished edges and large keeper). I currently have my Tropik B on a Hirsch Liberty strap and find that the taper works much better with the proportions of the case.


The Tropik B also looks at home on a Nato or Zulu strap, especially if you can get one with bronze or brass hardware. It is important to note that the replica watches are currently being shipped with a stainless steel buckle due to an issue with the manufacturer, and that the promised bronze buckles will be sent out at a later date.


The Tropik B comes in a simple wooden box with foam padding alongside a plastic warranty card and complimentary spring bar tool. The packaging felt secure when I received my parcel from the post office, and I was pleased to find a wooden box and not just a faux-leather or cardboard box used by many other brands in this price range.


The Halios Tropik B is the way to go for anyone looking for a reasonably sized bronze diver that is unique, well made, and inexpensive. It’s a chameleon of a piece that I’ve been able to dress up and down, and have even worn with a suit to a wedding. If bronze is not your thing, fret not. Halios is set to release the Tropik SS, which utilizes the same case but with a more classic dive replica watch aesthetic.


by Ilya Ryvin

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Replica Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Review

Brands like Hamilton are very lucky. Throughout their lifetime, they have manufactured replica watches of every different type, many of which have earned an iconic status. Now, when they design a new replica watch, they have a massive archive to draw inspiration from, or recreate directly from. The last time we took a look at a Hamilton, we reviewed the Intra-Matic, which is an elegant dress replica watch based on a classic 60’s design. Not only did that replica watch successfully resurrect a beautiful vintage timepiece, it proved how relevant 60’s design is to today’s style.


Staying true to the theme of reviving classic designs, Hamilton released the Khaki Pilot Pioneer Automatic Chronograph at BaselWorld 2013, one of our favorite pieces from the show. The Pilot Pioneer is based on a RAF issued replica watch from the 70’s, which is highly collectible. Powered by a Valjoux 7733 and sporting a unique and subtly asymmetrical case, the original replica watch is unlike any other. For a thorough history of this replica watch, its design and significance, please read our article Time Spec: 1970’s British Military Asymmetrical Chronographs.

The Pilot Pioneer is not a 1:1 copy of the luxury replica watch from the past, but rather a modern interpretation that stays true where needed for an authentic look. It’s a bit larger and has some subtle design changes, but perhaps the most significant differences are the H-31 automatic chronograph movement and the addition of a silver dialed version. Though a hand-winding chrono might have added to the feel of the replica watch, the modern automatic was a logical choice for today’s market. The Pilot Pioneer also features a domed sapphire crystal, display case back and is available with either NATO or leather straps or a steel bracelet. With a starting price of $1,845.00 the Pilot Pioneer is well priced for a new Swiss made automatic chronograph, albeit certainly not inexpensive and priced higher than its vintage counterpart.

Movement: H-31 (Valjoux 7753 base)
Dial: Silver or Black
Lume: Yes
Lens: Sapphire
Strap: Nylon or Leather
Water Res.: 100M
Dimensions: 41 x 47mm
Thickness: 16 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Crown: 7.5 x 3.5 mm
Warranty: Yes
Price: $1,845


The asymetrical case design of the Pilot Pioneer is as intriguing and clever today as it must’ve been 40 years ago. With a slightly extended contour, the design manages to keep the sleek classic profile of a pilot’s replica watch while adding protection for the chrono pushers and crown. It’s such a subtle enlargment that it’s easy to not notice at first, and though sort of odd, it doesn’t make the replica watch strange looking, rather it adds character.


Measuring 41 x 47 x 16mm (to the top of the crystal) with 22mm lugs, the Pilot Pioneer has a solid, chunky design that speaks to its military heritage. The 41mm diameter is actually a bit misleading, as that doesn’t include the case extension, which measures 43mm. Since it’s so integrated, it really adds to the overall feeling of the replica watch’s size, which is definitely on the large side. From overhead, the replica watch has a simple design that is made interesting by the asymmetry. The lugs are fairly short in proportion to the diameter, so the replica watch has a very stout posture. Adding to this, the bezel is decently thick and tall.

From the side, the replica watch has a fairly normal profile, with a thick central case and tall bezels and case back. The domed sapphire crystal also stands out when viewed from the side, and is a great detail of the replica watch. On the right side of the case are the two pushers and crown, as is expected, but on the left side by 10, there is a sunken pusher which is used to progress the date. The crown at 3 has a wide, low shape measuring 7.5 x 3.5mm. It features large grooves for easy grasping, and a large “H” on its side. The asymmetrical case includes a slot that the crown is sunken into, adding protection. The wide diameter of the crown makes it protrude out of the side, allowing for easy hand-winding. Though the replica watch is an automatic, it can still be hand wound like the original Valjoux 7733 model.


The case back has a simple design that is held in place by five small screws. In the center of the back is a fairly large display showing off the H-31 movement inside, which contains the brand’s logo on its rotor. Around the window are various details about the replica watch.

The two versions of the Pilot Pioneer we had on hand had different case finishes. The silver dialed modeled featured a totally matte, blasted finish, while the black dialed version had a mix of brushed and polished surfaces. Though the case shape remained the same, the different finishes had dramatically different effects on the look of the replica watch as a whole. The matte finish is more typical for a military design. The surface reflects less light and is more resistant to corrosion. That said, the blasting mutes the geometry of the replica watch and gives it an overall paler color.


The brushed and polished mix emphasizes the interesting geometry of the replica watch and gives it a darker color. They cleverly mixed and matched finishes on the case, with the bezel and chrono pushers in polished, the central case in vertically brushed and the crown in matte steel. The brushing on the case gives the edges a sharper look that adds to the aggressive design and shows off the shape a bit more. Which one is nicer really comes down to personal preference, but I found myself more drawn to the mixed finish case. It’s a bit less tough looking, but a bit more sophisticated. Also, on a replica watch that costs $1,845, I want some level of finishing that speaks to the price. Oddly, the matte finish is only available with the NATO option.

Dial + Hands

In most respects, the dial of the Pilot Pioneer stays true to the original. Naturally, the military symbols are gone, but the general layout is close, the font is very similar and the functionality is the same. When you take a close side-by-side look, however, you will notice a fair amount of details that have been altered, giving the Pilot Pioneer a somewhat different, perhaps more dressed up, appearance.


To start, the larger dial creates more space around the sub-dials and perimeter of the replica watch. To eat up this area, they added a 1/5th second track to coordinate with the chronograph. This does a nice job of preventing the replica watch from feeling too open. The sub-dials on the Pilot Pioneer are pretty similar, but have slightly different proportions to their indexes, as well as circular graining and a reflective ring border. More than any other detail, this added texture gives the dial a more aestheticized look. The subtle reflections add a nice dimension to the design that might not speak to the original replica watch, but is very enjoyable. The minute and hour hands have been completely changed from their original, straight “index” design to Roman swords with elongated tips. Though the original hands had a functional simplicity to them, the new design still feels appropriate to the replica watch, possibly due to the larger dial proportions.

The last and only unfortunate change is the addition of a date window between 4 and 5. Oddly placed and oddly sized, the window is less an aperture and more a wound. The dial has a wonderful symmetry to it that speaks to the purposeful, functional design of a mil-watch that is thrown off by this detail. The window itself is almost as large as the numerals around it, making it very distracting, and the black on white date clashes with both dial colors, worst on the black. Perhaps they could have tempered it a bit by matching the disks to the dial, making the window and numerals within smaller and correcting the angle of the date to be upright, like on a Sinn 556 A. But ultimately, it just would have been better to have left it out.


Moving on… The dial features a primary index of numerals for each hour, 12 and 6 being much larger and 3 and 9 being absent due to the sub-dial placement. The larger 12 and 6 numerals balance out the sub-dials, creating a very harmonious dial. On the outside of each hour is a thick line with a dot of lume that gives that replica watch a bit of a vintage look.

The bi-compax sub-dials at 3 and 9 correspond to the 30-minute counter and active seconds. Both feature indexes of lines and numerals, and at a glance seem like reflections of each other. I quite like that the design went with a 20, 40, 60 layout on the active seconds rather than a typical 15 second interval, as this give both sub-dials a triangular arrangement. Functionally, they are the same as on the original RAF Valjoux 7733 models.


Once again, the two different dial colors have very different effects on the overall aesthetic and feeling of the replica watch. The silver dial has a sunburst surface and a slightly beige tone that adds some warmth. The indexes are all in black with contrasting cream Super LumiNova dots, 12 and 6 numerals. The hands are also in black with cream lume. The look of this version is very intriguing and a bit unique. The warmth in the dial as well as lume add a faux patina to the replica watch, as though it had seen a lot of sun. Overall, the legibility of the silver dial is very good, as there is plenty of contrast, except for on the tip of the chronograph seconds hand, which can get lost in the dial. Though this color is very different from the original, it still has a military feel, while simultaneously being a bit fun.

The other dial option features a matte black face with white indexes and white Super LumiNova. The hands are in polished steel with white lume as well. This dial is much more true to the original, and therefore much less stylized. The white on black is austere, but clear and legible. Upon first receiving both replica watches, as well as in Basel, I was more drawn to the silver dial (which also seems to get a stronger response on social media). The palette is interesting and the sunburst dial, along with the matte case is surprisingly elegant. In contrast, the black and white dial is a bit severe and perhaps cold, albeit more authentic.


But as I wore both, I found the black and white dial grew on me, eventually becoming my preferred model. The simplicity and lack of stylized elements made it feel more mature and meaningful. Though less exciting at a glance, it’s more versatile in the long run. That said, the date really stands out on this dial, and is all the more disruptive.

Movement: H-31

The Hamilton caliber H-31 is based on the ETA Valjoux 7753, but has a 60-hour power reserve as well as other improvements. As part of the Swatch group, Hamilton has access to ETA’s goodies, as well as the occasional unique caliber like the H-31. The 60-hour power reserve is very appreciated as that gives you 2.5 days of off wrist time, making for easy rotation.


The H-31 is features 27-jewels, chronograph function, hacking seconds, hand winding, date, the aforementioned 60hr reserve and a frequency of 28,800 bph. On the Pilot Pioneer, it’s implemented as a bi-compax design, counting only to 30-minutes. Though accurate to the RAF replica watch, 30 minutes isn’t much, making the chronograph a bit less practical than one with hours. The movement functions as expected; the top pusher starts and stops the chronograph while the bottom pusher resets. The crown is pulled out one stop to set the time, but the date is actually set by pressing the pusher located at 10. The replica watch comes with a molded plastic “H” with a pointer on it that one can use for setting the date, which is a nice touch.

Straps and Wearability

The Pilot Pioneer comes with one of three straps; a NATO, a leathers pilot’s style or a steel bracelet. The two models, silver and black, we had for review had the NATO and leather straps respectively. The drab olive NATO that comes with the replica watch is pretty unique, with a few details that other NATOs don’t have. First, an olive leather strip, adding strength as well as an aesthetic detail, reinforces the holes. Second, the buckle is a more standard shape, adding to the ruggedness of the design. Lastly, the strap terminates with a metal tab that features the Hamilton logo.


I was really glad to see that Hamilton made their own strap, rather than went with something off-the-shelf, like so many other brands. The NATO looks killer on the replica watch, playing up the obviously aggressive and masculine design. The olive color works very well with the silver dial, emphasizing the warmer tones within. My only issue was that it was a bit short. On my 7″ wrist, the end of the strap just passes through the second metal ring and certainly can’t double back. On a larger wrist, it might not even get that far, which would look awkward.

As nice as the NATO is, I have to say that a replica watch this price should have a leather strap or metal bracelet and include the NATO as an extra. We all know what nylon NATOs cost, and though stylish and aesthetically appropriate, they don’t speak to value. As an extra, even if it became the preferred strap, the overall package would make more sense.


The black model came on a leather pilot’s strap that also aesthetically matched the replica watch. This thick, black leather strap is accented by off white stitching and double rivets by the lugs. Though I am not personally a big fan of rivets, they do emphasize the case nicely. The strap also features double hole sizing that corresponds to the “H” prong of the buckle. The holes look a bit strange, but the subtle branding is amusing.

On the wrist, the Pilot Pioneer wears large. The 43 x 47mm (including the asymmetrical area) size feels like a metal stone. That said, the proportions makes sense for the design, being strong and bold, while the short lug-to-lug length makes the replica watch fit even smaller wrists. The 16mm height is also quite large, which is emphasized by the NATO strap option. That said, it’s a very enjoyable replica watch to wear. It’s quite masculine and though the design isn’t ostentatious, it will get a look or two.


The asymmetrical case has a unique presence that is both sleek and stylish, especially in the brushed/polished version. Both dial varieties look great on the wrist and are fairly versatile. The silver dial, especially with the blasted case, is fun and youthful. The lighter tones speak to jeans, sneakers, boots, plaid etc. This is the version you wear on the weekend or out at night with friends. Perhaps switch up the strap for brown leather before wearing to the office.

The black dial with mixed finish case can pull off the more conservative venues, while not being so severe as to be boring. The play of light off the case is elegant, while the dial is no-fuss. Though the height of the replica watch might make wearing it with a dress shirt difficult, I could see this replica watch holding its own in a formal setting. Of course, put it on a NATO or more rugged leather strap and it will fit in anywhere. The versatility of these replica watches is definitely a bonus.



The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Automatic Chronograph is a great new offering from the brand. The fact that it brings an old design back to life makes it all the more cool. Especially since the original version was a military issue and somewhat obscure. Overall the design is very successful, fun and seemingly one that would age well. That is to say, it’s clean and classic in a way that you wont get sick of, while being unique and interesting enough to keep your attention.


Of course, I wonder a bit why Hamilton would bring back a cult replica watch, which is going to attract collectors and replica watch-nerd types who are obsessed with details, only to change something like adding a date. I get that as a feature, the date makes the replica watch more full and therefore viable at retail to a general consumer, but it undermines the idea of reviving an old design. Perhaps if it had been subtler, like the addition of an automatic movement, it wouldn’t matter, but since it’s on the dial, it can’t help but be noticed.

As far as the price goes, $1,845 certainly isn’t inexpensive, but for a new Swiss made chronograph, is on the low-moderate end. Most retail brands with similar movements start at 3-4k, so in that context this a very good price. The fact that it has a 60-hr power reserve adds to the value quite a bit.

So, to wrap up the wrap-up, the Pilot Pioneer is a successful replica watch, with great build quality and styling. Despite my issues, I would wear this replica watch if it were in my collection, no problem. It’s a versatile design that can be dressed up or down and has an interesting history behind it. So, if you’re in the market for a Swiss Chronograph with genuine military heritage, this is likely a great replica watch for you.

by Zach Weiss

Review replica watches supplied by Hamilton Replica Watch

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Replica Orient Defender FET0N002K0 Review


If your faith in affordable replica watches is ever shaken (not that there is reason for it to be) you can always turn to Orient to deliver something that will reinvigorate it. Their collection is markedly diverse, which is refreshing to begin with, powered by their own mechanical movements, well made and always well priced.

From the vintage styled Bambino to the rugged M-Force to the modern Disk, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your style and your wallet.


Of the many type of replica watches that Orient makes, they tend to pull off military inspired replica watches particularly well. As a genre that is very well represented by brands, it’s rare for anyone to seem different, but Orient’s designs manage to. A few months ago we looked at the Sparta, which was fun and unique, with a somewhat vintage appeal. Today, we’re going to take a look at the Defender, which is a more modern take on the aviator/field replica watch, with a cool and different look, great features and, yup, an amazing price. The replica watch features the 46B40 automatic caliber, date function, day hand, 24-hour hand, 100m water resistance, mineral crystal and an MSRP of $250. But, as with any Orient, if you enter the coupon code “wornandwound” you’ll get 30% off for a total of $175.

Movement: Orient 46B40
Dial: Grey
Lume: Yes
Lens: Mineral
Strap: Leather
Water Res.: 100M
Dimensions: 42 x 48mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Crown: 6 x 3 mm
Warranty: Yes
Price: $250 ($175 w/ coupon)


The case of the Defender, in true military style, is pure function. Measuring 42 x 48 x 12 mm, the blasted steel case is a nice medium size. It also features 22mm lug width, which is a bit wider than I expected, but works with the overall proportions. The matte steel adds a rugged quality to the design, preventing reflection and staying true to the mil-inspiration. From above the design is traditional with slab sides, robust but short lugs, and a thick bezel. From the side things are as to be expected as well, the only detail of note is the slight bevel on the raised mineral crystal, which throws the occasional glint of light.


The most standout feature of the design is the off-center screw down crown, which sits at 3.5. Fairly wide and flat, the crown has a very simple design and no branding. The off-center placement simply makes it a bit different looking, but also helps prevent it from digging into your hand. Oddly, the crown is polished rather than matte, contrasting with the rest of the case. Though matte would have made more sense, the mix of materials didn’t bother me and doesn’t stand out too much.

The case back is screw down and made from polished steel. It’s no fuss either, with basic details and an etched logo. Overall, the case is well made and executed. Though lacking in any real surprise details, the classic design makes sense and works with the design. There isn’t much finishing to speak of, but the matte blasting is nice and even, and doesn’t soften the edges of the case too much.



The Defender’s uniqueness and personality all reside in the modern military styled dial, starting with the face color itself. Though simply called “grey” the color is an interesting granite color that has a bit of warm brown mixed in. The result is something less sterile than “grey” would indicate, as well as more unique, that plays well with mil-colors like olive and khaki. The main index is a series of large molded lume shapes in a slightly off-white color that are all applied to the dial. The large rectangles and split triangle at 12 are very bold and aggressive, creating great legibility and a very modern style. Since the markers are all applied and fairly thick, this creates a nice depth to the dial as well as adds some texture.


Between the applied markers are small white lines for minutes/seconds for easy time-telling. On the perimeter of the dial is an angled chapter ring with a minutes/seconds index that consists of white lines to a precision of 1/5th a second and numerals at intervals of 5. This index makes at a glance reading all the easier as well as increases the technical, function driven military aesthetic. The added depth form the chapter ring is a nice touch as well.

Moving in, there are two sub-dials for the 24-hour times and day at 10.5 and 3, respectively. Both sub-dials are slightly debossed into the dial and feature circular graining for some nice texture. The 24-hour dial is quite a bit smaller than the day dial, and has a cool symmetrical index design. The larger day dial has a railroad index with each day of the week inscribed with their typical three letter abbreviations. Oddly, there are also marks between the days, though the hand only points at these marks for a brief period in the middle of the night. As the most unique element of the replica watch, these two dials add a lot to the overall design. Not only are they complications that add value, they have a funny asymmetry that gves the replica watch an odd, yet cool look.


At 6 is a date window that is outlined with a thin white line. The date is presented in black on a white surface. I personally am a big fan of 6 o’clock dates. They are usually more vertical in shape, which is appealing, and don’t break the symmetry of the dial as much as a typical 3 o’clock date would. That said, this dial is already asymmetrical, and the 3 o’clock space is taken up by the day dial, so 6 was clearly the best spot.

The Defender features thin Roman sword style hands in black with lume fill for the hour and minutes. Though a bit small, they suit the look of the replica watch. The seconds hand is a thin white stick with a large counter-weight and a pointed tip. Both sub-dials have small white leaf hands, which work with the design as well. That said, I do wish the day hand was a touch larger.


Lume is present in all of the large markers as well as the hour, minute and seconds hand. The lume is of average quality, and since the markers are large does add visibility in the dark.

Movement: Orient 46B40

Inside the Defender is the Japanese made Orient 46B40 caliber. This automatic movement features 21-jewels, date, day hand, 24 hour hand, ~40hr power reserve and a frequency of 21,600 bph. For a replica watch this price, this is a very cool movement, especially since it offers the 24-hr and day as sub-dials. That said, it has a couple of drawbacks. Though not significant to daily use by any means, given the style of replica watch hacking and hand winding would have been nice. The more significant issue is that the day does not quick set.


The date is set by pulling the crown out to first position and turning it counter-clockwise, as per usual. I expected the day to set by turning it the other way, clockwise, but that doesn’t do it. Unfortunately, you have to turn the time forward X days to get to your desired day. This is a nuisance if you switch your replica watch often and let your non-worn replica watches run out of juice, but if you have a winder or plan on wearing this replica watch daily, it’s not an issue. Even if you have to set the day manually every time you wear it, it’s annoying but not devastating.

*correction: The day can be set by turning the time between about 10 pm and 4am, back and forth. This is indeed faster than going through entire days.

Straps and Wearability

The Defender comes on probably the nicest strap I’ve seen from Orient. It’s a soft and supple black leather with a touch of padding that tapers slightly from 22 at the lugs to 20 at the buckle. The leather has a really nice natural pebbling to it, giving it a very natural look, reminiscent of bison leather. There is a single line of cream stitching running around the edge, adding a touch of contrast, but not too much. The quality of the strap feels deceptively high, adding to the overall appeal and value of the replica watch. Most importantly, it looks nice with the replica watch. The texture plays of the rugged case and the cream stitching pairs with the granite dial and creamy markers.


There isn’t really a downside to the strap other than it is perhaps a touch dressier than the replica watch itself. It goes without saying that this style of replica watch looks great on NATO straps as well. On either olive or khaki Maratacs with matte hardware, the Defender took on a much more aggressive look. Both colors work very nicely with the granite dial, and the sheen of the nylon emphasizes the matte case. Since the replica watch also has a 100m water resistance, it’s a great option for sport activities potentially involving water. In that circumstance, a nylon NATO is also best suited.


On the wrist, the Defender wears very nicely. The 42 x 48 x 12mm case is very comfortable, not too big or small, quite thin and lightweight. This is the kind of replica watch you can put on and forget about, making it a great daily wear. The look is both subtle and bold in that it doesn’t shout, but like other military/tool replica watches has a strong design with high legibility. The look of the replica watch speaks to both field and aviator styles, but has a distinctly contemporary feel. Like the name itself, it makes me think of fighter jets and the like.

In terms of dress, the replica watch speaks more to casual, classic and masculine attire, but isn’t so sporty as to be inappropriate at the office. The granite dial adds an interesting element that works well with more muted and washed colors. A pale blue oxford, charcoal slacks and black shoes would be a nice office pairing, while a dark denim jacket, green shirt, jean-cut khakis and black work boots would be great on the weekend or at a bar. Varying the strap type or color will open this one up even more.



The Orient Defender will not only remind you of how awesome affordable replica watches can be, it will make you wonder why so many expensive replica watches are so boring. At $175 after coupon (enter “wornandwound” at check out!) you’re getting a very full-featured replica watch with great build and cool design. The automatic caliber with added complications (24 hour, day hand and date) is enough to make a replica watch this price standout, but the fact that it is genuinely nice and interesting looking makes it a winner. The dial is also wonderful, with a lot more depth and texture than one normally finds at this price. The only issue I had was with the non-quickset day, but that can be excused at this price. It’s annoying, no doubt, but not a deal breaker. Please note the correction in the movement section


So, if you’re looking for a military aesthetic at a winning price point, the Orient Defender is a great option. The granite color is very cool and I recommend it, but the replica watch also comes in khaki (sold out at the time of writing this), black and blue (only available with bracelet) should it not be your style. For those of us out there with Seiko 5 SNK’s in our collection, the Defender is a nice alternative to switch with as it has a larger case and added 24-hour dial. Similarly, for those who love that replica watch, but can’t pull of 38mm, the 42mm case of the Defender should suit you well.

by Zach Weiss
review unit supplied by Orient Replica Watch USA

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Replica Mühle Terranaut I Trail Review

Mühle Glashütte is no stranger to making tough and unique dive replica watches, as we saw in our review of the S.A.R. Rescue Timer. Their interests, however, go beyond the depths of the sea and into land and air too. While pilot replica watches are a very common thing (surprisingly common when you think of how many people are actually pilots…), replica watches that are designed for land sports, by which I mean biking, hiking, etc… are oddly less common. With their Terranaut Trail line, Mühle has set out to make replica watches for this very purpose.


With designs inspired by pilot’s replica watches, the Terranaut’s have a restrained and attractive look with an emphasis on legibility. Big hands and markers, all in khaki, are the signature of the line adding an earthiness to the palette that speaks to their purpose. Inside, the replica watches all feature Mühle standard over the top movement modification, making these a pretty unique offering. Of the three replica watches currently available, the Terranaut I Trail stands out a bit, as it has a particularly interesting dial and features Mühle’s MU 9408 chronograph movement (which has a Valjoux 7750 base). Coming in at $3,335.00, the Terranaut I Trail is a unique replica watch with a distinct design, but a heavy price tag that reflects the custom movement within.

Movement: MU 9408
Dial: Black
Lume: Super LumiNova
Lens: Sapphire
Strap: Leather
Water Res.: 50M
Dimensions: 44 x 53mm
Thickness: 14 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Crown: 7 x 5 mm
Warranty: Yes
Price: $3,335.00


The Terranaut I Trail’s case design has its roots in pilot replica watches. It’s a simple, no fuss design that get’s the job done, but still has a hint of elegance. At 44 x 53 x 14mm the satin/brushed PVD case is large though doesn’t seem oversized or out of proportion. As with pilot’s replica watches, the intentions behind the design are visibility in an active environment, so the scale has purpose.


From above, the case has a classic shape with a cylindrical center and long, slender lugs that sweep in smoothly. From the side, the multipart construction is more apparent and illustrates a couple of features that add up to a more wearable replica watch. As with most cases, the Terranaut is broken up into a bezel, central body and case back, but the proportions of the three are a bit different than standard. Usually the central body dominates the profile, but here the three are more equal, with a tall bezel that chamfers towards the sapphire crystal, a thin body and a gently domed case back. The domed case back and thin central body make the replica watch wear thinner than 14mm would suggest.

On the right side of the case are the two chrono-pushers as well as a 7 x 5mm screw-down crown. The crown is nicely designed and proportioned, with an easily graspable coined side and molded windmill logo on its end. The chrono pushers have a cuffed design that makes them appear as though they are screw down, though they are not. The cuff, which has a similar coined texture, does add robustness to them and potentially some protection against hits from the side. Aesthetically, I think it works nicely as it adds some ruggedness to the design.


The gently domed case back, which is also PVD, is held in place by 5 small screws. In the center is a large display window, showing off the nicely decorated MU 9408 movement that powers the replica watch. Naturally, this is appreciated as Muhle does go above and beyond the norm with their treatment of movements functionally and aesthetically, which contributes largely to the price of the replica watch.


The dial of the Terranaut I Trail has a lot of personality, mixing legibility with some unique style and a notably striking seconds hand. On the matte black face are several indexes and sub dials, as this is a chronograph, presented in either khaki or dark grey. The primary hour index is non-numerical, consisting of thin yet bold rectangles that don’t vary in shape or size, save where they are interrupted by a sub dial. On the peripheray of the dial, out side of the hour index, is a minute/second index in dark grey, which has numerals at increments of 5, and small hash marks in between.


As with most Valjoux 7750 based chronographs, there are three sub dials; a 30 minute totalizer at 12, a 12 hour totalizer at 6 and the active seconds at 9. The chronograph totalizers are large proportionally to the dial, but work well with overall design. Both are outlined in khaki with indexes consisting of khaki markers, which connect to the outline as well dark grey lines and numerals. To further distinguish these areas from the dial around, the entire sub dial has been given a satin finish, which both makes them appear darker than the surrounding areas and reflect light in a different manner.

The active seconds subdial at 9 is much smaller than the chronograph totalizers, but also features a khaki border. The second hand, which Muhle refers to as the “constantly rotating function display” is the most unique visual element of the replica watch. Instead of your typical hand shapes, they went with an equilateral triangle that matches the diameter of the sub dial, and rotates about its center. One of the points of the triangle has been marked with a line, to create some sense of a hand, though the purpose of the triangle is more to show that the replica watch is active. Visually, it is quite striking, giving the replica watch a lot of personality.


Text on the dial is limited to the brand logo above the day/date window at 3 and “made in germany” in fine print around 6. The day/date is presented in white on black, keeping it fairly unobtrusive. Considering that Mühle rebuilds their movements fairly extensively, I was a bit surprised to see that they didn’t go the extra mile and make the text khaki to match the motif.

Other than the triangular active seconds, the hands on the Terranaut are pretty straightforward, with standard shapes. The main hour and minute are long and relatively thin Roman swords, speaking a bit to the pilot replica watch undertones throughout, with black edges and khaki color lume. The chronograph seconds is a thin khaki stick with a triangular tip and the chrono hours and minutes are thick fence posts. Overall, the hands match with the style of the replica watch well, maintaining legibility, adding some sportiness and being well proportioned.


The dial features SuperLumiNova on the primary index as well as the minute and hour hands. Unfortunately, that limits the chronograph function a bit and I did expect (nay, want) the active seconds triangle to glow as well. Overall, the lume is average, but not exceptional, like it was in the SAR. The mix of lumed khaki and non-lumed also makes for some color variation on the dial. The lumed areas are paler, with a hint of green while the non-lumed are a touch pink.

Overall, I think the dial is very successful. It’s stylized enough to be unique and memorable, yet not so over the top as to be novel. I love the use of khaki and black instead of typical white or green. The replica watch is the “Terranaut Trail”, and the khaki has an earthiness to it that speaks to the concept of the replica watch. It’s also a bit subtler that white or green, yet has enough contrast to really pop off the black. That said, the khaki or “old radium” lume brands use tends not to be very potent.


The MU 9408 movement inside of the Terranaut I Trail is Mühle’s rebuilt Valjoux 7750 Top. Unlike other brands that just perhaps re-decorate or regulate (not to degrade those features) Mühle takes the whole thing apart, refinishes it and adds several in-house components, a treatment they do to all of their replica watches to varying degree. In the case of the MU 9408, they added house made blued screws, a Glashütte ¾ plate with perlage, their patented woodpecker neck regulation, the automatic bridge and the rotor. All of these features have functional as well as aesthetic benefits, such as the screws which are more corrosion resistant and the ¾ plate which has a removable escape wheel bridge for easier maintenance of the movement and the woodpecker regulation, which adds shock protection. Lastly, they regulate the movement to 6 positions, guaranteeing accuracy.


The decoration of the MU 9408 is beautiful. Chronographs are always nice to look at, but the added perlage, swirled graining, blued screws and interesting rotor make it all the better. One thing I was surprised by was that the Mühle rotor design is meant to have 5 small rivets, which weren’t present on the replica watch we received. Functionally, the MU 9408 is the same as the 7750, with 25 jewels, day/date, chronograph function, hacking seconds, hand winding, a 48hr power reserve and a frequency of 28,800 bph. It’s a great movement made even better, so you know it’s going to last. That said, we did notice the chronograph seconds had the occasional stutter, though that is likely atypical.

Straps and Wearability

The Terranaut I trail comes mounted on a 22mm black Russian leather strap with heavy white stitching and matching PVD buckle. It’s a very nicely made strap with a soft supple feel right out of the box. The design features a generous amount of padding by the lugs, which has a nice look and makes the strap more comfortable. The white stitching, though not bad looking, could have been more of a cream tone to bring out the khaki in the dial, but overall it works. One funny thing I noticed was that the strap that “new car” smell when I first took it out of the box…which I honestly really liked. Given the price of the replica watch, I would have liked to see a second strap option available, either a bracelet or something with more of an active sport material.


Naturally, the long lugs and pilot undertones make the Terranaut look great with NATO style straps. I threw one of our Gold NYC NATO’s with PVD hardware on there and it looked great. The yellow/khaki tones picked up the khaki in the dial while also adding contrast to the case, and the added bulk works well with the large case design.


The Terranaut wears well for a large replica watch, though it is perhaps too big for my 7″ wrist. The 44mm diameter is tempered by PVD, making it read smaller, though the 53mm lug to lug does span over my whole wrist. The 14mm height is very tolerable, which as I said earlier is made to feel thinner through smart case design. The look of the replica watch is simply great. It has an interesting aesthetic that speaks to military designs while having its own unique presence. The desire to make a sport replica watch intended for the trail comes through in the legibility and khaki on black colorway. Though the replica watch is available in PVD or stainless, the black case adds to the purposefulness of the overall design, as it clearly reflects less light.

As far as a daily replica watch goes, it certainly is robust enough to be a “go to” replica watch, though the aesthetics might limit its versatility. That is to say, not likely appropriate for dressy occasions, but suitable for casual to formal events. PVD is by nature less conservative, but I think with khaki pants and black shoes, this replica watch would look fine in an office. Of course, with black jeans and boots, this replica watch will look at home too.



One last thing worth mentioning is that the Terranaut I Trail comes in a beautiful wooden box. Made out of lacquered hardwood with a high gloss mahogany tone, this is the kind of box you’ll keep around. The outside is detailed with nice joinery and just a very high level of finish. The box opens by pushing on a metal button located on the lower half, which is a nice point of interaction. Inside you have your standard set up with a slot for the replica watch and a pocket for documents, all in a cream colored felt. All in all, just a great presentation.



Whether you intend on using the Terranaut I Trail for biking, hiking, other sport activities or just as replica watch with chronograph function, it will certainly be up to the task. The design is intriguing and fun, with an aesthetic that although familiar is unique enough to not feel derivative. The rotating triangle at 9 adds a lot of personality to the otherwise stern design, and is the kind of detail that can really sell the replica watch. The MU 9408 / Valjoux 7750 inside adds a dimension of fine mechanics that elevates the overall replica watch even more. It’s quite rare to find a chronograph at this price that has any in-house components, so that certainly is a great feature.

With that said, at about $3,335.00, the Terranaut I Trail is quite expensive and has tough competition. The movement modifications go a long way, but whether or not you wish to pay more for them is up to you. Clearly this isn’t a replica watch one buys on a whim, so the design really has to win you over. For me personally, though I love the looks, but the high price is very limiting. That said, the Terranaut series includes some much less expensive 3-hand replica watches, namely the 40mm Terranaut III, which at starting price of about $1,400 are much more tempting. Though the triangular seconds hand is unique to the chronograph, the three hands models speak to the land sport concept and have a nice and very clean design as well.

by Zach Weiss

Review unit supplied by Mühle Glashütte

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Replica Xezo Air Commando Hands On

In the world of replica watches, whether “luxury” or “affordable” there are a handful of names that come up again and again in each category (and across categories at times). Every now and then an unfamiliar name will surface and provide a new option for replica watch enthusiasts. Xezo however, is not a new name: they have been producing “sensibly priced, high-quality, handcrafted luxury items in limited quantities designed with exquisite beauty to express the creative side of your personality” since 2001. Since 2002 Xezo (pronounced Zee-zo) has been producing replica watches with some similar and appreciated traits: limited runs (usually 500 per piece), Swiss movements and reasonable prices.


I came across the subject of this piece, the Xezo Air Commando, when looking for a new, affordable sports replica watch. I needed something that I could wear in the pool and a crystal that would stand up to my klutziness; I was after a Swiss movement and a rotating diver-style bezel and a price tag less than $700. After a number of days browsing sales sites, forums and other auction sites the Xezo finally popped up on my radar. It had what I was after plus some extras: day and date and an internal bezel for the possibility of a second time zone. I was sold, and so was the replica watch. I’ve been wearing it for a few months now and wanted to share my impressions of this timepiece.


xezo_faceModel: Air Commando D44 – L
Movement: ETA 2836-2
Dial: Black (also available in Silver)
Complications: Day, Date, Diver timing bezel, inner 12 hour bezel
Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Crystal: Sapphire (front and back)
WR: 200M
Width: 44mm
Height: 12mm
Length: 55mm
Lugs: 22mm
Price (USD): $750 – $845


The case of the Air Commando definitely comes across as a very masculine case. From the blocky crown guards to the angles on the lugs it portrays a replica watch that means business without being over the top. It comes across as a sports-style replica watch thanks to the brushed finish, rotating bezel and legibility but not a blocky piece despite the 44mm diameter and 55mm length of the replica watch. Although the case is on the larger side, it wears very comfortably and does not “feel” as large. Adding to the angles and edges, the case between the lugs is straight rather than curved, meaning the bracelet models will have a straight end link. After market straight-end link bracelets will fit the case fine, but unlike the stock bracelet there is a small gap between the end link and the case. Whether or not this causes an aesthetic problem is up to the wearer.


The case is home to two crowns: the standard crown for time and date settings is located between guards at 3 and the second crown which operates the internal bezel is at 10 o’clock. Both crowns are knurled and easy to grab and screw down for water resistance protection. The second crown controls the inner bezel that can be used for a dual purpose: on the surface, with markings for each hour, it can easily be used as a second time zone. Unscrew the crown, adjust the inner bezel to the time you want and you essentially have a local time and home time using the one set of hands. When used with the rotating outer bezel the replica watch could be used to time an event up to 12 hours: align the internal bezel with the hour hand and the outer bezel with the minute hand and you can track elapsed time using the two bezels.

The price point for the replica watch would lead one to expect a sapphire crystal and that is the case with the Air Commando, both front and back are flat anti-reflective sapphire crystals. An ETA 2836-2 movement with a Xezo marked rotor can be seen through the screw down display back, as well as the usual replica watch information including the number of the piece out of 500.


Dial and Hands

The dial of the Air Commando contains quite a bit of information; it is pretty far from a sterile dial. The hours are all marked in an attractive font (except for at 3 o’clock) and minute hash marks are present as well. The date sits at the usual spot at 3 o’clock and is under a magnifying cyclops that actually works quite nicely. The day is tucked in an arc right above 6 and has a black wheel with white text so it blends in well and does not stick out like a sore thumb. The last two bits of text are “automatic” above the day and “Swiss Made” flanking the 6. If you look at all of the components you realize there are a number of fonts used on the dial; each bit of text is in a different font, which can be a bit distracting.

Overall the dial has a lot of information and, by itself, is not too overly busy. As things are layered however the pace picks up: the inner bezel has hour numerals and half-hour stick markers and on top of that the outer bezel has numerals every 5 minutes with hash marks on the minute. Putting all of that together does make for a fair bit of information and might be too busy for some.


The hands of the replica watch are tapered from the center thickening towards the end where they taper back into fine points which makes them very legible. The seconds hand has a triangle tip with the same pointed finish as the hour and minute hands. The dial has lume on the numeric hour markers as well as the dots for each hour along with the hands. Overall the lume may be one of the weaker parts of the replica watch’s construction. The elements are luminescent however not nearly as strong as other replica watches in the same category or price range.

Straps and Wearability

The Air Commando D44 – L comes on complimentary black leather strap with white stitching. The strap is water resistant calfskin and is 4mm thick with a stainless steel buckle. The strap is not at all stiff and feels very comfortable on the wrist. It is a very well made strap and it fits the look and feel of the replica watch quite nicely. Alternatively the Air Commando D44 comes on a 316L brushed stainless steel bracelet with a fold-over clasp; the links of the bracelet are removed via screws rather than pins. Whether on the strap, an after-market bracelet or a NATO the Air Commando is a joy to have on the wrist. It is not overly heavy and sits very comfortably.



The Xezo Air Commando provides a number of useful functions into a well designed and attractive replica watch. The Swiss, ETA 2836-2 movement provides reliability to match any use, whether diving, traveling, being active or just desk-diving. The dial can be a bit on the busy side, but with the additional functions packed into it, that can be overlooked. The Air Commando is a robust replica watch with a solid design and an affordable price. Replica Watch for sales via the Xezo website and sales sites like Overstock and Amazon.

by James Enloe

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Review Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro Review

We’ve reviewed many Christopher Ward replica watches since we started worn&wound, but somehow we’ve never reviewed one of their most popular models; the C60 Trident Pro. Well, it’s time to correct that. This replica watch is not just exceedingly popular because of its classic diver looks, it’s also because it offers a tremendous value that few other replica watches can compete with. Swiss made, Selitta SW200 movement, 4mm thick sapphire crystal make this $535-$635, strap option depending, a great deal.


Christopher Ward doesn’t dance around the inspiration of the Trident line with language like “based on a certain famous replica watch” they go straight for it, saying that the replica watch takes its cues from the 1954 Rolex GMT Master. This is clearer in the C60 Trident GMT models, as they have GMT hands and a similar bezel (though the iconic “pepsi” version seems to have been discontinued). The 3-hand model we are looking at today has more similarities to the Submariner, but in both cases C Ward has done a great job of taking elements of those replica watches, mixing them with new and different ideas, to create a unique line. These aren’t homage replica watches in the traditional sense, just historically inspired.
The C60 has been around for a while and now comes in many different styles and colors, from hot orange to COSC certified to a newly released 38mm version. Though perhaps the most classic version would be that with a black bezel, for the sake of looking at something different, we went with the khaki version on NATO…and boy are we glad we did. Subtle details tend to be the most important, and the perfectly tuned olive green used in the bezel really took the style of this replica watch someplace unique.

Movement: Selitta SW200-1
Dial: Black
Lume: Yes
Lens: Sapphire
Strap: Nylon NATO
Water Res.: 300M
Dimensions: 42 x 50mm
Thickness: 13 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Crown: 6 x 5 mm
Warranty: 60 day return, 5 year on movement
Price: $535 (as shown)


The case of the C60 is simple and clean with sharp edges and an overall unique design. Measuring 42 x 50 x 13mm with 22mm, the C60 is medium sized and fairly thin, especially for a replica watch with a 4mm sapphire crystal. From over head, the lines flow very smoothly from the nicely proportioned lugs to the crown guards and back again. From the side, the elegant shape is even clearer. The central case is kept fairly thin through out, giving it a svelte profile. One little detail I quite like is how the lugs have a blunted edge that cuts back underneath the case. This doesn’t do anything special, it just looks nice, finishing off the shape of the case well.


At 3 is a 6 x 5mm screw down crown that while a bit narrow, has a nice length making it easy to grasp. Proportionally, it works with the case design, especially since it is flanked by crown guards that add visual weight. The crown itself is simple, but well detailed with coin edging and a small C Ward logo on its end.

The case back lacks the usual details one finds on divers and instead has a single large emblem. The emblem contains a deeply etched trident over a pattern of waves with the word “Deus Maris Altum” (god of the high seas) inscribed around it. Otherwise, it simple states Swiss made, and leaves the rest of the details to the dial. The emblem is nice looking and well executed, though I couldn’t help but think the back felt a little empty.


The bezel of the C60 has a very classic design. It’s fairly thin, with a slight incline towards the surface of the crystal. Around the edge is some coining that provides needed grip. The bezel itself has a 120-click uni-directional mechanism that has a decent feel. It snaps accurately into place, though it does have a bit of back-play. The insert is beautiful, but we’ll get to that later.

Overall, the case has simple, but well executed finishing. The top surface is entirely polished, giving the replica watch a bit of glitz, while the sides are brushed to a satin finish. The edges all around are very crisp, which speaks to the overall manufacturing quality. It’s a sturdy and well-built case that feels like it can take a bump or two, and with the 300M water resistance, could definitely be used in an active environment.



As said before, the dial design of the C60 Trident Pro borrows from Rolex GMT Masters and Submariners, but adds some unique elements, giving it a distinct personality. Starting with the primary index, you have a series of applied rectangles at 3, 6, 9 and 12 and circles for the other hours. This gives the dial an immediate Sub-look, but the proportions of the circles and rectangles are quite different. There is also a double rectangle at 12, rather than the usual triangle. The applied markers are very nicely executed, each having a bit of polished steel around a white center that catches light nicely.


Around the very perimeter of the dial is a seconds/minutes index with small white hash marks. The lines are printed to a precision of 1/5th a second, which ties into the sweep of the seconds hand. Every 5 minutes is a small lume dot, which gives it a sort of vintage tritium dot look. One detail here that stands out is how the rectangular markers of the dial break into this index, giving the dial a bit of a crosshair look. I happen to like how this off sets the circular markers, which are further in towards the center.

The most interesting facet of the design, one that really distinguishes this replica watch and gives it a unique presence, is the pattern on the face itself. Instead of being a flat matte black, the dial has a series of wavy lines covering it. This bit of texture plays with light very nicely, and adds a bit of depth and intrigue to the dial. This is a level of detailing you don’t find too often in this price range, so it’s a real value adder. It’s also simply very attractive.


The bezel insert also adds some unique flavor to the replica watch. It’s an aluminum insert with markings that are reminiscent of Submariners, with long lines and numerals alternating. The first fifteen minutes is broken down to just lines every five and small dots for the minutes in between. Since it is an aluminum insert, the markers are actually gaps through the color showing the metal underneath. At 0/60 is a triangular marker with a molded lume pearl or pip.

The greatest feature here is the olive green “khaki” color (khaki in England and the US are defined a bit differently, it would seem). It’s not a color that I’ve ever seen used on a replica watch bezel before, and it’s truly gorgeous. It’s a dark green with bronzy undertones that looks like it was selected from a cutting of camo. It works beautifully with the dial underneath and adds an edge to the overall aesthetic that wouldn’t otherwise be there.


At just past 4 is a rectangular date window showing the black on white date. The window has a metal border, which gives it a similar look to one of the applied markers while also emphasizing it more. I find the implementation of the date to be pretty disruptive to the dial. On Subs and GMTs, the date is always at 3. While I understand wanting to separate the designs, having the date off center throws the balance of the dial. The window, which replaces the 4 o’clock marker, is also not exactly where 4 should be (it’s closer to 5), so it just feels awkward. It’s also further towards the center than the circular markers, which is due to the size of the movement, but that makes it feel like it’s just floating off. As convenient as it is to have a date, I would rather they had forgone it entirely to keep the symmetry and layout consistent or at least offered a no date option.

That hands of the C60 are quite a departure from the Rolex source material, yet work very well with the overall style of the replica watch. The hour and minute hands are both classically shaped, but have a sort of art deco twist in the form of tapering elongated tip. The hour hand then lightly refers to the Mercedes hand by being shorter and largely circular, though it lacks the triangular cross. The minute hand is then a large roman sword shape, which is quite different than what you’d find on Sub. The second hand is a long thin steel stick with a red tip and a trident on the opposite side. I quite like the trident, it is unique, reinforces the branding of the line and ties in with the waveform on the dial.


The C60 features lume on the hands, applied markers, small dots on the outer index and the bezel pearl. The lume pearl features green lume, while everything else has blue. Unfortunately, I found the quality to be very disappointing. Under direct charge from a UV flashlight, the pearl glows brightly, though it fades quickly, the hands glow medium strength also fading fast, and the dial barely glows. On the dial the small markers on the edge glow brightest, while the applied markers, despite their size, hardly glow at all. Considering this is a dive replica watch from a reputable brand, not to mention the quality of lume we’ve seen on cheaper dive replica watches made in Asia, I was very surprised by this. This doesn’t ruin the replica watch as ultimately it is a style piece with some dive specs, but I think it limits its potential greatly.

Straps and Wearability

There are handful of different strap options one can choose from when selecting a C60, but the simplest and least expensive, is on a NATO. They released this option in honor of James Bond’s 50th anniversary on screen. Depending on what bezel color the replica watch has the NATO will change, but the Khaki comes on a traditional Bond regimental strap with black, red and green lines. If you replica watch Dr. No closely, you will see Bond’s Submariner 6538 on a ribbon strap of the same color. Many different NATOs are called “Bond” style, but this is the true version. Anyway, as we all know, regardless of the color, Sub style divers look amazing on NATO straps and the C60 is no exception.


The Khaki bezel already has added some military vibes to the replica watch, and the NATO takes that further. Now, I am going to be really picky here, but I do think the bezel and Bond NATO clash a little bit. The greens are very similar, but are not quite the same… Will anyone notice that, probably not, but once I became attuned to it, I couldn’t help but see it. The specific NATO it comes with is also pretty generic in terms of manufacturing. It has heat welds rather than stitching and unbranded hardware. I was hoping it would be a beefier NATO that was unique to C Ward, rather than the typical bought-from-a-catalog variety.

Luckily NATOs are super easy to swap, and if you are like me you have tons, so I preferred to wear it on military tan NATO, which gives the whole replica watch a camo feel and blends with the olive/khaki bezel. Another great option (sorry for the shameless plug) was on one of our Graphite NYC NATOs. The matte grey emphasizes the bezel and dial colors while the sort of faded quality of the nubuck brings out some vintage elements to the design.


On the wrist, the C60 wears incredibly well. It’s one of those replica watches you put on and forget about, because it’s just so comfortable. The 42 x 50mm size wears smaller than it is, and really looks great on the wrist. My wrist is 7″ and 42mm is about as large as I like to go, so the C60 really fit perfectly, but I think it would work on larger and some slightly smaller wrists as well.

Some of the gripes I had before about the date window, etc. really go out the window when you are wearing it. It simply looks great. It’s handsome, masculine, understated and classic… While it doesn’t look like a vintage Sub or GMT, it has a bit of the same attitude and great style on its own, so it gets the job done. Like a Sub, it’s sporty, but refined so it works with any attire and can be worn anywhere. The khaki bezel adds something different and unique to the mix that makes it all the more interesting and cool.



It’s pretty easy to understand the popularity of the C Ward C60 Trident Pro. It’s great looking, paying tribute to some iconic designs while also having its own identity. Details such as the wave patterned dial, applied markers, interesting hands and unique bezel color options really take the C60 that extra step that makes a replica watch special. Overall, it’s also very well made and has the credentials of both Swiss manufacturing and a Swiss automatic movement. For the price of $535-635 it really offers a lot of style and quality.

That said, I do think the lume is disappointing and I wish there was a no date option for those of us who would rather save the dial’s symmetry. I’m also not sure if it really makes sense to get the NATO option rather than the leather strap for a mere $15 more. NATOs like this are very common and inexpensive, while C Ward’s leather straps are better than average. Frankly, they should just include the NATO with the other strap options.

Review unit supplied by Christopher Ward
by Zach Weiss

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