Can I Buy A. Lange & Söhne – 1815 Homage to Walter Lange Replica For Sale

1815 « Homage to Walter Lange »

The sad news of Walter Lange’s death on the morning of the second SIHH day in 2017 shocked the world of watchmaking. Asked at the time how he intended to salute Walter Lange, Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid replied: “The best way to honour Walter Lange is to assure the continuity and the ongoing development of

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Where To Buy Movement – So what is a module, exactly? Replica Clearance

So what is a module, exactly?

When reading spec sheets, we sometimes come across the ambiguous term “module”. It’s a rather vague and imprecise word, which can have any number of meanings. It can refer to the shape of a cigar, a space ship or, in the present context – watchmaking – a complication plate. Clear as mud? Thought so. Let’s

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