Baselworld 2016: MBF HMX Replica Watch StarFleet Machine Black Badger Limited Editions

For the fans of MB&F, of course, they already know what to expect for the Baselworld 2016. However, it looks like we are in for more treats since MB&F have partnered with Black Badger to create limited editions of the HMX replica watch and the new Starfleet Machine clock. A little info about Black Badger: it is a manufacturer of high-performance solid luminous millable compound. This partnership is a sure fire way of incredible and out of this world designs which are clearly noticeable on the replica watch and the clock. To add more of my musings, these timepieces will really make an impression to the inner playful horology fan in each of us. Illumination is present in almost all timepieces these days particularly on hands and indices but the MB&F HMX Replica Watch & StarFleet Machine Black Badger Limited Editions for Baselworld 2016 takes the idea of illumination to a whole new level.


The HMX is a truly unique replica watch plus the quirks of long-lasting luminosity courtesy of Black Badger. The HMX also offers a lower price tag which makes it even more interesting. With the HMX, we see a bi-directional jumping hour display and trailing minutes on a horizontal plane. I also like the gauge-like opening on the side of the case using sapphire prisms for time display – it is fantastic. Well, there is no dial here since the replica watch face totally caters for the light shows. The open sapphire display permits light into the case that power up the sapphire prisms for long lasting illumination. It’s like we’re looking at a car’s engine complete with screwed caps housing the oil reservoirs that store lubricant for the bearings of the main display. Personally, I like the Black Badger editions for their space age design. The MB&F HMX is available in three colors (Radar Green, Phantom Blue, and Purple Reign) but the MB&F HMX Black Badger adds titanium and steel plus cool blue fully luminous time display and Black Badger luminous inserts on the rocker panels. Obviously, there is more on the latter which I like. The case is large at 46.8 mm but rather thin at 20.7 mm considering the wild design.


Then there is the MB&F Starfleet Machine Black Badger which is a limited edition made of palladium plated brass offered with the same colors as the MB&F HMX Black Badger. The MB&F Starfleet Machine Clock takes its solid inspirations from the Star Trek fantasy. It sports twin 20-second retrograde animated cannons and a central rotating domed element for the hours and minutes while a rotating dome is used to display power reserve that peaks at a staggering 40 days. The legs of this clock are amazingly stable sporting subtle illumination on its inner lining. The glow is out of this world making its space theme truly stand out.

The MB&F HMX Black Badger and the MB&F Starfleet Machine Black Badger are limited in production making them collectible pieces. Prices start at 48,000 CHF for the MB&F HMX Black Badger and 33,000 CHF for the MB&F Starfleet Machine Black Badger.

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