Baume & Mercier – A leather with a promising future for Petite Promesse Replica Watches Young Professional

A leather with a promising future for Petite Promesse

When this was an invite only watch occasion, it would play out as such: Maximillian Busser and Friends would organize a personal gathering in Lake Geneva together with the best watch influencers to talk about the state of the watch industry, have a “watch series” filled with one-off collectibles, and, importantly, drink copious quantities of “hot” beer with a side of gloating to help wash down it. A Few of the invitees are Andreas Strehler, Kari Voutilainen, Roger W. Smith, and Vianney Halter, as headliners. Richard Mille, De Bethune, Ressence, and HYT would signify some of those innovative watch companies to pop up with showcases. The bonus round are the Deep Dive Sprint (most water and strain resistance). Completing the festivities are a “watch series” along with a tribute video of the late George Daniels. Of course, Baume et Mercier are the title sponsor of the shindig with everyone riding in around Indian Motorcycles.

Fashionable and colorful accessories are constantly being reinvented. Women of today like to make a bold aesthetic statement by combining all values in their daily choices. The Petite Promesse adapts to these desires and knows how to unite fashion and respect for nature. Its latest revolution is Banka leather, made from trout skin in vibrant, elegant colors.

Innovative material

Banka leather is made in France. It comes from the quality fish, rainbow trout, initially celebrated and enjoyed in prestigious restaurants. The fish are farmed in an environment that perfectly suits their needs, where animal welfare ranks above productivity.

Unique patterns 

A leather with a promising future for Petite Promesse

As explained by Peio Goicoechea, director of the Banka farm, “It took a year to develop the process in collaboration with a specialist tanner in Brittany. Today, we offer an exclusive luxury product”. The trout scales form contrasting patterns that are accentuated by the tanning process, which makes each strap different. The material is also valued for its qualities which, according to the farm director, combine flexibility and resistance.

The Banka fish farm

A leather with a promising future for Petite Promesse

Situated in the Basque country, in the village of Banka, the farm lies in the grounds of a 17th-century mill powered by the Arpéa river. The quality of the water and the completely protected natural environment provides exceptional conditions, close to those in the wild, for farming trout. “Because of the way the ponds are stepped, the water is naturally oxygenated. The fish are not given antibiotics or vaccines. Their food varies depending on the weather, as we match their physiological needs as closely as possible.” This approach fits perfectly with current environmental responsibility standards.

Exclusive colors

Baume et Mercier presents the Petite Promesse model in a selection of three eye-catching colors: a luminous red, a bold green, and a vibrant blue.