Best Quality Business News Bremont Pulls Out Of Baselworld 2017, Will Show In London And New York Instead Replica Wholesale Suppliers

Bremont has just announced that it will not be showing at Baselworld next year. In lieu of setting up shop in Switzerland next March, the British watchmaker will release its new collection both at a London townhouse and an event in New York City. While it is news to hear that Bremont will not be part of the watch world extravaganza that is Baselworld, it is actually not surprising that another watch company has left the fair as a new trade show and release schedule landscape is developing.

The watch world includes a great deal of elegant sport watches. These models make up the most popular segment of luxury timepieces offered today. The funny thing is that it is hard to make a new elegant game watch, as they frequently will need to grow into existence. These watches needed to be good sport watches, then later (with time) get the feasibility of being elegant. With the AC I, Bremont Watches Hms Victory Replica is able to quickly track it to elegance by offering their take on an existing refined look, which is the dial style of ship deck clocks as married to their popular case design. What a watch like the AC I lacks in originality it makes up for in design cohesion and aesthetic familiarity.Bremont’s decision to marry a traditional but useful dial design with a sporty case and strap — along with a less than ordinary range of anti-shock systems makes the AC I see more than something pleasant looking, but a thing that exists among a small collection of opponents — particularly for the purchase price. Bremont tends to get a good deal of flak for what’s seen as high rates. My experience with the brand tells me that they provide quality comparable to brands that charge a lot more, so I have always felt that they are a fantastic price. It really depends on what you are comparing them. Compare a Bremont into some Victorinox Swiss Army watch and it’ll seem expensive. Compare it to a IWC and the price seems fair. In my opinion, together with Bremont’s clientele, quality, and capacity to offer an exclusive object, they are more comparable to IWC than Victorinox Swiss Army (which can be a new I also very similar to, but at lower prices).

In addition to Bremont’s exit, Timex (who manages Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Versus, and Nautica’s licensed watch businesses) announced recently that it would not be showing in 2017 either. Additionally, Ulysse Nardin and Girard-Perregaux have moved from Baselworld over to SIHH, along with many of the smaller independent brands taking part in the Carré des Horlogers section of the fair. According to his interview with Forbes, CEO of the Timex Group Paolo Marai stated that the group felt it would be better to invest the $3 million it spent on Baselworld in other ways to promote its brands. Given the current state of the luxury watch market, it’s not surprising to see certain executives and companies trying new strategies to get ahead. 

The watch industry has been suffering a lot this year, as you’ve probably surmised from reading stories about Richemont’s tough year, Breitling possibly going up for sale, and ever-slowing exports. Brands like Bremont are reacting by looking to invest their money elsewhere, maybe with more direct access to customers and collectors instead of simply the press and retailers. It will be interesting to see how these manufactures fare on their own, without the pull of something like Baselworld, and, likewise, how Baselworld (inarguably the most important show for watches and jewelry on the planet) will continue to grow and evolve in the changing climate.