Do You Buy First Live Shots of Bremont P-51 Mustang Limited Edition Chronograph Replica At Lowest Price

The boys over at the ALT1TUDE Forum have some of the first wristshots of Bremont’s new limited edition P-51 Mustang watch.  Click on over for more lives pics, including one of that killer propellor rotor. 

The Bremont U2/T is a limited edition watch Created by Bremont Particularly for the American merchant Antique Luxury Watches located in Texas. Limited edition watches created exclusively for retailers is becoming increasingly more popular these days, even if it’s a practice that has legacy going back many (many) years ago. It used to be the simple fact that retailer names actually were the title on the dialup, and also the company that manufactured the watches did not have some branding on the lookout in any way, or in comparatively secret spots such as about the movement.Most “exclusive” watches produced by a brand for a particular retailers are not really that special. They offer you some color or dial gaps, but tend to only provide small levels of exclusivity such that a consumer would believe they are particularly unique in contrast to the stock version of the watch. In most cases, retailer-exclusive watches are for the benefit of the retailer, so that they feel as if they have something original and special to provide to their customers.Once in a little while, a limited edition watch made for a merchant actually catches my eye, and I really like the custom of doing so in general. Retailers not just have a normal interaction with clients and know what sells, but more importantly understand their own clients as well as their own tastes. So the best case situation to get a limited edition watch made exclusively for a retailer is that the watch is far more desirable or sellable than inventory versions.