Replica Dietrich O.Time Watches Now With Colorful Forged Carbon Bezels

If there’s one thing that makes me excited about the new releases of fake Dietrich O.Time watches, it would be the surprising blending of colorful materials with forged carbon. Now don’t ask me if I’m a big fan of glow in the dark stuff, but certainly, I am and the new  AAA+ Dietrich O.Time watches are way too hot to talk about now. Forged carbon may sound expensive since this kind of stuff is usually reserved to high-end watches like Richard Mille watches but fortunately, fake Dietrich O.Time watches are reasonably priced considering the excellent build and of course the forged carbon. I like forged carbon for its durability and of course the awesome looks.

dietrich o time colored forged carbon

Now before we go further,  replica Dietrich watches are fun and quirky in a way that the designs could be too outlandish, to begin with. It’s not for everybody particularly the ones with an eye on simplicity. With  fake Dietrich watches, think about combining mechanical and horological elements such as the balance wheel, the main plate, the 4 layers of the dial, the star-shaped second wheel, and the 24H second-time zone indicator in an organic way. How is this achieved, well it’s a Dietrich secret, but normally Dietrich shows everything in one look at the dial, that’s why it’s organic since time is presented in an orderly fashion, hence the Dietrich O.Time branding.

dietrich o time colored forged carbon

Let us talk about the dial, it’s very nice and semi-skeletonized for me. The hands are the same design and easy on the eyes with amazing legibility.

Moreover, the 46mm-wide case of the new Swiss made Dietrich O.Time watches is very comfortable plus it wears on any wrist even the smaller ones. It’s brilliantly comfortable plus it boasts of anti-allergenic properties thanks to the forged carbon. Aesthetics, on the other hand, is contently amazing with a frame crafted from 316L stainless steel, micro-bead blasted and brushed. The black PVD coating is also terrific, while the bezel where the magic resides is installed on a piece of brushed steel. The look is tough and handsome.


Now for the bezel, well it’s made from forged carbon with a twist. Dietrich decided to add color to the bonding material which ultimately appears on the finished bezel as unique random patterns. Forged carbon is difficult to produce let alone add color to it that’s why the results are random patterns on the bezel. Personally, though, I’d rather take the original carbon without colors. The additional colors are neat particularly the useful green bezel version. Also, the luminous material on the indices are terrific plus instead of using color binding material, Dietrich decided to mix luminous materials instead making for a very cool bezel that also glows in the dark.

As for the movement used, it remains the trusty Miyota 82S7 automatic with some slight modifications for maximum exhibition on the semi-skeletonized dial design. Well, this is great since I always believe that stuff that works need no fixing anyways.

To top it off, all the  fake Dietrich O.Time watches come with matching straps so whether you like the colored ones or the neutral ones, you’ll be wearing your watch at its best. Besides the selling point here is comfort not only wearable comfort but pocket comfort.