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If there’s a field of watchmaking that Bremont Watches Red Band Replica dominates, it’s custom pilot watches. Bremont says 20% of its customers are in the military, and the watches they wear are typically large and their dials are filled with iconography relating to the types of aircraft their squadrons fly. In fact, Giles English, one of the company’s two founders, recently told me that quite a few watches in the core collection borrow elements that first appeared during these special military projects. What we haven’t seen from Bremont though, is a small and classically-styled three-hand pilot’s watch. Until now.


The AIRCO Mach 1/BK with its glossy black dial and orange accents.

This week, Bremont launched its first 40mm pilot watch. It’s smaller and thinner than any of the aviation chronometers already made by the company – the height of the case has been reduced significantly from 16mm to 12.5mm – and the least you can say is that it’s the most vintage-looking of the bunch.

One reason I’m reluctant to predict that the AC I a sport watch is the deficiency of luminant — however I do not think it is a deal breaker. With the high amount of dial comparison, although the hour markers and hands aren’t painted with luminant, the dial of the AC I is really legible, in more lighting scenarios than watches together with luminant. Rarely are individuals in total darkness with charged luminant dials. So while there’s some missing functionality in the dial does not have luminant, its high-contrast design makes it legible the huge bulk of the time.Let’s be fair about the fact that the dial design, albeit tasteful, is very conservative and a bit old-school. As mentioned previously, the design sensibility of this dial feels just like a combo of IWC and A. Lange & Söhne — equally excellent brands to be associated with. Though, the combination of tasteful elegance and action is a skill that Bremont Watches Forum Replica has been able to hone on its own — even though other brands are similarly inspired when it comes to the aesthetic appearance of the dials. If it comes down to this, what each of them is designing is initially inspired by boat instruments and clocks.Inside that the Bremont AC I is a motion the brand calls their quality BE-36AE. This base Swiss ETA automatic movement delivers the time and date, and so is COSC Chronometer qualified for precision. The movement operates at 4Hz with two days of power reserve. It’s well decorated, has a habit Bremont rotor, and is displayed through the caseback. Don’t forget that Bremont made the situation to have a gel-style holding ring for the movement, which is intended to absorb vibration and shock that may damage or affect performance of the motion.

The AIRCO range is named after one of Britain’s very first aviation companies, the Aircraft Manufacturing Company Limited, and its a collection of watches that look like what Bremont Watches Prices Replica might have crafted in the 1940s, had the company been around when the MOD was issuing simple watches to pilots.

Bremont is launching the new range with two models, the AIRCO Mach 1/BK and the AIRCO Mach 2/AN. The watches are styled very differently, but they are both presented in stainless steel “Trip-Tick” cases, which Bremont has decided for the first time to manufacture in a smaller 40mm size. Let’s take a look at what makes each one special.

The Airco is also the smallest Bremont pilot to date, at 40mm.

At 40mm, the AIRCO watches are also the smallest diameter pilot’s in the Bremont line-up and they wear great.

bremont airco profile pilot's thickness

The AIRCO watches are the slimmest pilot’s watches Bremont Watches Denver Replica has ever made at just 12.5mm.

The AIRCO Mach 1/BK features a satin-finished case, a semi-matte black dial, and an orange seconds hand, with red accents on the chapter ring. The hands are syringe-shaped, a common feature of vintage pilot’s watches, and they are filled with cream-colored SuperLuminova. The watch comes on a vintage-style brown calf leather strap. Of the two, it’s the one that looks the most like a vintage pilot’s watch – and, we suspect, the one that will be more popular.

bremont leather strap pin buckle airco

The MACH 1 is delivered on either a leather strap with a pin buckle or a steel bracelet.

The AIRCO MACH 2/AN, on the other hand, is a little more elegant. The case is polished and it features a slate grey dial, feuille hands, and applied Arabic numerals with curly serifs. The date window is also placed in a different position, at six o’clock instead of three o’clock, and the colored accents are pared down to just a red triangle at 12 o’clock. It’s a much more restrained design and it sort of straddles the line between a dress watch and a daily-wearer.

airco caliber BE-92A bremont eta

Both AIRCO watches are powered by caliber BE-92A, a modified ETA movement.

Both watches are powered by the caliber BE-92A, which is an automatic movement made by ETA and modified by Bremont. The movement is visible in both models through a sapphire caseback. It beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph and supplies up to 38 hours of power. 

The AIRCO Mach 1 and Mach 2 are both available now, and are priced at £2,895 on a strap (approximately $3,550 at time of publishing) and £3,295 (approximately $4,045) on a stainless steel bracelet.

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