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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica

Each summer, the face of scorching hot environment, everyone craves a glass of cold beer, while pleasant breeze, a broad expanse of ocean, enjoy Qinru Heart cool and exciting. Diving watch is definitely one of the high-profile cool products this summer, although not everyone is interested and master dive skills, but the hearts of every man has a deep desire to dive tables. So, for you to know how much diving watch it?

Five performance diving replica watch

The so-called diving watch, by definition refers to the water after treatment, used for diving watches. Usually the water table and not to dive, dive table must meet stringent requirements, not strong enough to be able to be called waterproof diving watch. Generally can not operate underwater, some a little better able to operate underwater.


“Helium” can be said to be very professional features, it is usually used in professional diving watch. Because full-time divers can not always serving the deep sea at work, which would waste too much time pressure. So they have to live a long time in high-pressure tanks deep sea diving, but this time will be dissolved in the blood equivalent gas, so the air is generally used for the diving tanks “helium” oxygen mixture. And because helium molecules smaller than water molecules, when we are in for a long time under high pressure helium gas molecules will penetrate waterproof wristwatch so it fills the high-pressure helium gas, upon return to the water, watch high-pressure helium If you can not short discharge time, the watch is because high pressure cause of the explosion occurred.

Luminous instructions

In the dark and helpless underwater, we strongly feel the longing for light. As Underwater reading all diving watches are equipped with eye-catching luminous pointer and scale. Usually dive table pointer, scale or surface will be coated with a fluorescent material, and deliberately enlarge the size of the pointer and scale to allow divers more simple reading. Early radium luminous material, because it contains an excessive amount of radioactive elements have been discontinued. Now the most commonly used material is luminous Super-LumiNova. It absorbs light gamma particles Chu, sustainable LED more than 10 hours.

Rotating bezel

Rotating bezel is mainly to remind divers to dive time. Annotation scale rotating bezel is generally 15,30,45, this is because the general diving oxygen bottles only adhere to 45 minutes (there are also individual scale is marked 60 minutes), 15 minutes before a colored or specifically identified. Usually only rotated when diving bezel so that 0 scale on the bezel align the minute hand, and after watching the minute hand to move the corresponding scale on the bezel can know the time spent diving.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica

Screw-in crown slip

A list of the most likely site where the water?  The answer is definitely the crown, because the crown is the only part of China Unicom and outside the movement. In order to prevent water from entering the movement through the crown, watchmakers have developed a technique called spin-in crown design — joints crown added waterproof apron made of rubber, when the crown is tightened when , water will be closely watch isolated outsid. There are a lot of dive tables upgrade, they not only have a larger crown, and increased deeper grooved handle on it, and let slip underwater operations more convenient time.

Corrosion flexible strap

Underwater, whether paddling arm or operate the instrument, all we need flexibility to rotate the wrist, this time the watch needs to fit tightly fixed to the wrist. Although many diving watch equipped with a metal band, but the chemical composition of the seawater will corrode causing slight, it still is recommended to replace the waterproof and corrosion resistance better when diving rubber strap, and now some brands also developed canvas strap or rayon, which is also a good choice.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch collection

In 1932, Omega introduced the world’s first set of divers timepiece ── “Marine” watch, the brand has since become the representative of a professional diving watch. Today it is known Seamaster, available since 1948, to further consolidate the position of Omega and become the watch of choice seamen and divers minds rugged and reliable.

Highlight fashion style Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica 600 m diving replica watch is the Omega diving fake  watch traditional tribute, this watch is equipped with wear-resistant sapphire crystal with a small seconds dial, calendar window and central chronograph hand on the black dial. 3 position while chronograph dial with 60-minute counter and 12-hour time function, read the timekeeping time more convenient and intuitive.