Gucci goes big and beautiful with its new ambassador Florence Welch

Until about a year ago, there is no way anyone would have picked Florence Welch as the face of Gucci replica watches and jewellery.

Welch had gained a reputation for her pseudo-shamanic stage presence, her love of eclectic accessories from another era and general air of a pre-Raphaelite muse who had just pulled herself out of a nearby river.

Gucci’s replica watches were a like bit tacky, or brash and more often seen on the wrists of women who frequent single-named establishments or men who gravitate towards ones named after chewing gum and horned animals.

Then the little-known Alessandro Michele took the helm as creative director and suddenly things got a lot more whimsical and definitely more Florence.

“What drew me to this collection was that it was quite brave and felt like a very heartfelt expression of his imagination,” explains Welch.

“Each piece feels like a lot of care and attention has gone into it; it feels as if he’s been very generous with his heart.”

One of the main motifs was floral, which appealed to the former art student who developed an obsession with flowers particularly fake ones:

“I actually made my own funeral wreath, which I used to take on tour with me. It got a bit weird when I did a show in a church.”

The other motif that Michele has embraced for his recent replica watches and jewellery collection is the bee, which some cultures hold to be a sacred insect that bridged the natural world to the underworld, and which, in Rome is the symbol of the Barberini dynasty, who were powerful in the 17th century.

All of which has made for one of Gucci’s most stand out replica watch collections, called Le Marches des Merveilles, for women in years. Gone are the horsebits and double-G bezels, in their places are stitched dials bearing bees for the quartz replica watches and a very vintage-looking almost masculine automatic with the bees, stars and even a heart at seven o’clock as its indices.

It is slightly disappointing that Gucci has opted for an ETA movement for this replica watch, rather than plundering company bedfellow Girard-Perregaux’s oeuvre, but that’s a minor nit-pick of an otherwise fantastically un-Gucci replica watch.

Like Michele’s ridiculously successful ready-to-wear collections, it plays with ideas of masculine and feminine, what can be considered sexy and manages to subvert those conventions in interesting ways. Rather like Florence herself.

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