High End Introducing Three New Bremont ALT1-P Chronographs, With Updated Dials And Different Hands (Live Pics + Pricing) Eta Movement Replica Watches

Bremont ALT1-P Chronograph blue.

Bremont launched its first collection a decade ago. It’s hard to believe the British company is already turning 10, and perhaps even harder still to believe that in those 10 years it has established itself enough that it no longer sees any reason to attend Baselworld, the world’s foremost watch fair.

And yet, here were are in a small townhouse in one of London’s quiet Georgian squares, viewing the company’s latest range. There are quite a few novelties to see, and we’ll eventually go through them all. But first, let’s take a look at some updates to a watch that has been part of the catalog since Bremont’s inception, the ALT1-P pilot’s chronograph.

Bremont ALT1-P Chronograph blue.

The new Bremont Watches Henley Replica ALT1-P Chronograph in blue.

One reason that I am hesitant to predict that the AC I a game watch is the lack of luminant — but I do not think it’s a deal breaker. With the high level of dial contrast, even though the hour markers and hands aren’t painted with luminant, the dial of this AC I is really legible, in more lighting situations than watches with luminant. Rarely are people in total darkness with charged luminant dials. So while there is some lost functionality in that the dial doesn’t have luminant, its high-contrast layout makes it legible the huge majority of the time.Let’s be fair about the fact that the dial layout, albeit tasteful, is extremely conservative and a bit old-school. Though, the mix of refined elegance and action is a skill that Bremont has been able to hone on its own — even though other brands are likewise motivated when it comes to the aesthetic look of the dials. If it comes down to it, what all them is designing is originally inspired by ship tools and clocks.Inside that the Bremont AC I’m a motion the brand calls their caliber BE-36AE. This base Swiss ETA automatic movement delivers the date and time, and is COSC Chronometer qualified for accuracy. The motion works at 4Hz with two days of power reserve. It’s nicely decorated, has a custom Bremont rotor, and is displayed via the caseback. Don’t forget that Bremont made the case to have a gel-style holding ring to the motion, which is intended to absorb vibration and shock which could damage or affect performance of the motion.

“We’re very proud of this watch. It was one of the first watches my brother and I designed and it’s played a vital part in our success,” said Nick English when unveiling the watch.

bremont at1-p chronograph blue wristshot

The case of the watch has been revised, but still measures 43mm.

bremont at1-p chronograph blue

Bremont has removed the internal rotating bezel, opting for simpler construction.

The ALT1-P chronograph collection has been given a gentle makeover, with new dials, new hands, and a new case design. Bremont has removed the internal rotating bezel and the crown that operated it at eight o’clock. According to Bremont, the modifications are all about increasing the legibility of the dial, an important feature for any pilot’s watch. It’s a difficult target to hit when the watch houses a chronograph movement, but the larger SuperLuminova hands are a big help. 

bremont BE-53A ALT1-P Chronograph

The watch is powered by caliber BE-53A, a 13 ¼ ligne automatic movement.

However, the size of the watch is unchanged. It’s another 43mm wristwatch, pretty standard from Bremont. There are no updates inside the case either. The movement inside the ALT1-P is a chronometer-rated automatic movement boasting a 42-hour power reserve. It is based on the Valjoux 7750 and here is called the BE-53A. It’s a workhorse and makes a lot of sense for a watch like this.

Bremont ALT1-P Chronograph side case

You’ve of course got Bremont’s three-piece “Trip-Tick” case construction.

Bremont ALT1-P Chronograph strap buckle

The simple Bremont-branded pin buckled and blue stitched leather strap.

Bremont ALT1-P Chronograph caseback

From the back you can see the automatic caliber at work inside.

There are three new models in total, with blue, black and, for the first time in this range, cream dial options. Unfortunately, only the blue model is on show this week, so we’re yet to get hands-on photos of the other watches. All three models will retail at £3,985 on a leather strap (approximately $4,900 at time of publishing). These will also be available on a stainless steel bracelet, for an additional charge. Here’s a look at the other models on that bracelet option.

Bremont ALT1-P Chronograph (Black)

Bremont ALT1-P Chronograph (Black)

Bremont ALT1-P Chronograph (Creme)

Bremont ALT1-P Chronograph (Creme)

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