I was telling you in one of my previous Bell & Ross replica posts that I kind of ignored my collection of these watches. So, a new Bell & Ross BR01-92 replica had to be my newest addition, So, here’s my newest review for the Bell & Ross watch lovers. 

Bell & Ross BR01-92 Replica

The Bell and Ross watches were born from historical military timepieces. That’s one of the reasons why the designs feature dials that are easy to read. Their target audience is formed by people that want a good-looking watch but are more conservative when it comes to details.
The BR01 Bell and Ross collection are one of the most popular. Their look was inspired by the one of an airplane cockpit dashboard clock. The BR 01-92 Carbon has one of the purest designs in this collection. The black coated metal tends to be used more in the cockpits because it doesn’t reflect light. Everything is easy to see because of the high contrast between the hour numerals.

This brand gets its inspiration from Sinn, a German brand. That’s probably also because one of the founders worked at the Sinn company and, in the beginning, Bell and Ross were dual branded Sinn watches.As you already know, I am a fan of big, bulky luxury replica watches. I’ve said it so many times, and I’ll say it again. So, it should come as no surprise that my newest addition to my replica watches collection is the Bell and Ross replica BR01-92. The Bell & Ross is a French company, known for their vintage models. Even if the inspiration for these watches is vintage, the creations also have a fresh, modern feel to them. Most of their designs are simple, and this Bell and Ross BR01-92 fake watch is no different.

Bell & Ross BR01-92 Replica- Looks and Feel

Bell & Ross BR01-92 Replica

This watch looks and feels amazing. I like it that it has a nice weight for its size. In terms of looks, it features the iconic Bell & Ross rectangular dial with few elements on it. Just like I was saying, it has oversized hour numerals for an easy reading. There is a high contrast between the color of the numerals and the black dial, for the same reason. The hands are oversized as well. On the dial, you can also see the Bell & Ross logo which looks just like the original. What I don’t like

I love the black carbon finish on the case of this watch. On the dial, you can also see the logo of the brand, as well as the model number. One thing that I don’t like about it is the model number. On this one, it appears as 01-94, but it’s in fact 01-92. I chose to buy this one that appeared as 01-94 because, besides the model number, it looks more like the original.

Bell & Ross BR01-92 Replica

The watch also comes with a leather strap that integrates the lugs for a seamless look. The strap is made from genuine leather and the embossed writing looks like the one one the original. This model also comes with a rubber strap, but I prefer this one because it gives it a more classic look and I think that it matches the vintage feel better.

BR01-92 Replica Movement

Bell & Ross BR01-92 Replica

This watch comes with Japanese Quartz movements. The automatic movement gives the seconds hand a good sweep. It keeps time well and offers a good life span, especially if you wear it more often. This kind of movement is precise and has more than decent power reserve. It’s important to mention that the numerals don’t glow in the dark. That’s a pity because it would have made it look even more authentic.

Bell & Ross BR01-92 Replica- The Fold

Bell And Ross

Overall, this Bell & Ross replica looks pretty good. It has some small faults, but if I can go past them, I am sure others will appreciate it like it is. The dial looks nice and has a clean design and the case is heavy and bulky. The leather strap on this Bell & Ross BR01-92 Replica offers a comfortable wear and the automatic movements make the watch keep precise time.