High Quality Replica Rolex Submariner Video Review

replica rolex submariner two tone black dial watch front view

I like Rolex watches very much and I am excited to write a replica Submariner video review today. This Rolex Submariner watch comes in so many different variants so I’ll be focusing on the replica Rolex Submariner two tone black dial.

Replica Submariner Video Review – Two Tone Black Dial Rolex Watch

Rolex is a company that probably makes the best looking stainless steel watches, with the polished metal finish which begins to look like silver and gold or some other precious metal. And they are also very big on tradition. There are a lot of elements you’ll notice in a Rolex watch that is immediately identifiable. But we’ll get to all that in today’s replica Rolex Submariner video review.

Looks and Feel

To kick off this Rolex replica Submariner video review, let me just say that this Rolex Submariner watch is a true two toned delight with a nice complement of gold and chrome. It is a pretty straight forward watch as it does not have sub-dials or chronographs. The dial is a nice deep black and so is the bezel which has golden numerals on the face representing the minutes in increments of 10 but there is a small metallic protrusion at the 12-hour position. The hour markings are not numerals but circles or rectangles and a triangle to mark noon. The second, minute and hour hands are all golden with white insets.

replica rolex submariner two tone black dial watch front view

One of the nice features of this video review Submariner Rolex is that it glows in the dark. So it is perfectly usable in the absence of light. The date window is quite prominent. It can be found where the 3-hour mark would have been and it has a magnifying section to ensure you see it clearly. The crown is highly polished gold and it is very fitting that the crown of this video review Submariner Rolex is engraved with the golden crown of the Rolex logo. This replica Submariner video review shows all the highlights of this watch and its beauty really shines.


Now to my favorite part of this replica Submariner video review, let’s see what type of engine this nice watch has. The movement on this Rolex is a mechanical one of the Japanese variety. This kinetic/automatic movement should come as good news to potential buyers of this watch as it works perfectly. You don’t have to worry in the slightest about the reliability or accuracy of the time it keeps. I personally prefer automatic watches to battery operated ones. Maybe I will do a replica Rolex Submariner quartz review soon to see if there is anything you might be missing.

replica rolex submariner two tone black dial watch front view

The Fold

As with many of my knockoff Rolex Submariner video review, you will find that what you have on the back is not much different from other Rolexes. This replica Rolex Submariner video review is no different. You will see that the back of the watch is stainless steel. It even comes with a green Rolex authenticity sticker. This will offer that extra feel of realness even though it is just an extremely well made replica. The bracelet is stainless steel as well. It is 195mm long and 20mm wide with a deployment security clasp which has the Rolex logo on it. This watch has been so well manufactured that you wouldn’t believe this was a knockoff Rolex Submariner video review if I didn’t tell you.

replica rolex submariner two tone black dial watch front view

This brings me to the end of my replica Submariner video review. It has been a pleasure as always for me to bring you the best replica reviews. Do check in next time for which cool watch I will be reviewing next. Or let me know in the comments if you would like another replica Submariner video review for a slightly different version. Perhaps we can check out the replica Rolex Submariner blue dial.