Pre-BaselWorld 2016: Omega GlobeMaster Annual Calendar Replica Watch – More Pie Pan Goodness!

You may very well remember that last year I covered the press release of the new Omega Globemaster at BaselWorld 2015. Well, following many high profile press events around the place and big posters in the Authorised Dealers and boutiques it wouldn’t take a genius to work out that the Globemaster is coming to the market now, almost a year after its announcement. However, Omega already has its next Globemaster piece all planned out and is finally ready to show us.

I must say I’m very pleased to see them in keeping with the Pie Pan dial on the Globemaster, in case you were unaware the Pie Pan dial style is the one where the dial drops away at the edges like a pie tin. Back when the Constellation was THE replica watch of choice for the true gentleman, the Pie Pan dial Constellation gave a different look to the replica watch, it was a look that resonated as Pie Pan Constellations can demand high prices today depending on their condition, the originality of the dial and whatnot.


Following on from the Pie Pan influence and the apparent dress nature of the famous replica watch, it’s great to see that Omega has not jumped straight to a chronograph movement as a follow up to this replica watch, but instead opted for a chic 4th central hand. It’s a similar look to the GMT which I wouldn’t be surprised if Omega offered at some point, however, they have also written each month in the segments of the Pie Pan in a lovely blue font with their gorgeous victorian handwriting inspired Globemaster font.


Just like the standard Globemaster, the Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar replica watch comes with a METAS certified chronometer. While the testing still happens at the COSC facility, Omega’s partnership with METAS ensures even greater levels of precision as well as long term accuracy. It’ll also still have that lovely finishing on that we have come to love Omega for, seriously, Rolex and Breitling can learn a thing or two from Omega’s ability to make all their current movements look pretty suave. It’ll also stand up to 15,000 Gauss, just like their other movements, this is thanks not to iron shielding inside the case but through the use of non-ferromagnetic materials in the movement itself. Just like all annual calendars, the Globemaster Annual Calendar will need to be adjusted according to the leap years as they come, apart from that it knows when all the other months end.

The replica watch is currently only seen in steel with a blue leather strap (not that I’m arguing, I think it looks great) and can be seen in steel only at the moment. Although I think Sedna gold would be nice here it’s not really necessary, the steel looks excellent and will help to keep the costs down at 7,800 CHF in total. For more info, please visit



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