The History And Development Of Patek Philippe Replica Watches Company

May 1, 1839, two Polish immigrants, Antoine Norbert de Patek  and François Czapek  jointly established the “Patek, Czapek & Cie”. Mr. Patek met in 1844 in Paris, the French watchmaker Adrien Mr. Philippe. At that time, Mr. Adrien Philippe presented his pioneering arbor chord and use the crown to set the time of system.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches

In 1845, when Czapek decided to leave the company, to continue his career, the company changed its name to “Patek & Cie”. After 1851, Mr. Philippe officially added to the company, the company changed its name to “Patek Philippe & Cie”. Later, in 1901 again renamed «Ancienne Manufacture d’Horlogerie Patek Philippe & Cie, SA». Two brothers Charles and Jean Stern acquire the company in 1932, since then, Patek Philippe SA has always been a family business, now run by the third generation and fourth generation: CEO Mr. Philippe Stern, his son Thierry Stern Mr. Vice President.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches

“Calatrava” This name has deep historical roots, dating back to the medieval period in 1158, when the Spanish Christians for the protection of Calatrava castle against intruders. In the nineteenth century, Patek Philippe uses a brave Spanish knights symbol as its logo, which is today’s Patek Philippe replica watch flag.


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