Top Grade Photo Report Watch Spotting At The HODINKEE x Instagram Baselworld Event Replica At Best Price

In the middle of what is easily the most hectic and important week in the watch world, we decided to get together with an old friend – Facebook’s Matt Jacobson (as seen in this January 2015 episode of Talking Watches) to talk about how one his products, Instagram, is changing the game for the watch world. We invited all of our friends from the watch world to come out for a conversation with HODINKEE Founder Ben Clymer and Jacobson on the future of digital and horology, and because we knew we’d see some great people and great watches, we took some pictures. Have a look at some of the watches that showed up at the HODINKEE x Instagram Baselworld 2016 event.

A packed house of industry executives joined HODINKEE and Instagram for a conversation on watches and digital media.

Jacobson’s own 3448J.

Timeless Luxury Watches said that their visual mission for the U2/T was to envision a more retro-version of the U2. The thought was to ask themselves the question of what the U2 would be like when Bremont designed it through World War II. Their principle aesthetic guide was the P-51 Mustang fighter airplane. To this end you’ll be able to see a celebrity on the second crown, and this is meant to evoke the symbol seen on the P-51 and a few other American fighter planes in the time.While a number of the color themes in the opinion are retro-inspired, I do not really think of this U2/T as a retro-style watch. Instead, I find it focusing on particular colours, materials, along with a welcome sense of design restraint that plenty of watch collectors are looking for these days. While most Bremont aviation watches are extremely functional in their design, the U2/T feels equally practical and very stylish. In some ways, Timeless got Bremont to combine the appearances of a U2 and Solo into a new watch with a specific color-theme they desired. I believe the result is actually pleasant and identifying looking.

A lovely ladies Bulgari piece.

Rolex was well represented.

Bell & Ross also joined.

Leica chairman Andreas Kaufmann wearing a German-made Lehmann watch.

Photos: Will Holloway