Baume & Mercier – Indian Motorcycle partnership Replica Watches Online Safe

I really wanted to put on this watch after seeing it since it would have perfectly looked the part in my wrist, riding down the sunset-lit California coast’s HWY 101. “Unfortunately,” the very best I could do was the Limited Edition Clifton Club Shelby Cobra 1964. Surprisingly, the larger watch felt better on my yummy wrists and the grip was quite comfy, which made me more excited about the Burt Munro Tribute piece since it’d feel much more or less the same. Despite its slightly bigger lug size, grip, and pushers, it was relatively simple to slip under my riding gloves when gearing up, making me think the Tribute piece could make it in the daily watch spinning. I hear the chatter of watch enthusiasts… “a limited version mechanical watch at the daily rotation?” Speaking of limited variations, this whole weekend has been filled with classic, rare, and custom motorcycles, that were constructed in home garages, custom workshops, and collectors’ warehouses. One of many names repeated over the course of the event could be RSD, Roland Sands Designs. Roland Sands is motorcycling’s equal to George Bamford from the watch world, except more badass and winning an AMA national championship. His drag race winning system of this weekend would be the “RSD Wasp,” a Yamaha MT-09/FZ-09 franken-street tracker. This bicycle build would be something equivalent to carrying a Rolex 116610 Submariner Case and squeezing in the newer Calibre 3255, slapping some DLC on the case, screwing on a display caseback, coating the palms in yellow gold, and yanking the dial off an Air-King, finished off by stringing it onto a hand stitched, custom perforated, humanely treated, organically tanned young calfskin strap.

It’s in the historic Bonneville Salt Flats that Alex Zimmerman, CEO of Baume & Mercier and Grant Bester, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle EMEA, met to signed their partnership.

“Our agreement is cherished by our common pursuit of perfection, quality and craftsmanship, translated all in iconic design and contemporary esthetic. Our brands have both strongshared values and exude exceptional spirit”,  said Alain Zimmerman. Grant Bester agreed on those common values and highlighted the opportunites that it will bring them with wider exposure.

United by shared values, Baume & Mercier and Indian Motorcycle both boast rich history dating back over 100 years, from the days of their pioneering forefathers to the current day, where style, performance and superior quality are the focus and drive for both brands.

In this unique collaboration, the two brands will capture the iconic spirit and translate it into a series of limited edition watches paying tribute to Indian Motorcycle’s iconic history, and which will be revealed later this year. Each design is enriched with exceptional details and will please watch enthusiasts and moto aficionados seeking uniqueness.