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In June 2013, UK watchmaker Bremont introduced the Codebreaker – a flyback chronograph with GMT function made in collaboration with the historic Bletchley Park Trust. We showed you the watch moments after launch, highlighting Bletchley Park’s important role as the center of code breaking operations for the British Army during WWII. The Codebreaker incorporates a number of real historical artifacts into the design, including parts of the punchcards used for code breaking. Though the watch was made in very limited numbers, online retailer has secured a number of Codebreakers to offer online starting today. 

For this reason I had been particularly interested in this Bremont Watches Ceo Replica product when Timeless Luxury Watches first declared it on aBlogtoWatch about a year ago at the time of composing. I got hooked on the watch myself, and now provide a follow-up inspection based on this really handsome and intriguing Bremont watch. I think that the timepiece also serves as a testament of this allure of the brand – insofar a retailer that carries the manufacturer is excited enough by what they do to order a customized product to their specific standards.I first reviewed a Bremont U2 (U-2) watch back in 2010 as it was first released. It was a modification of the Bremont Martin Baker collection – designed using all the famed UK-based ejection seat manufacturer. I was fortunate enough to stop by Martin Baker myself a few years back while in England. While there, they presented me with a box of Bremont watch prototypes utilized during actual ejection seat testing while the Martin Baker models were being developed. It was intriguing to learn how both companies worked together, and also to find the true evidence of the way Bremont worked with Martin Baker to really create watches capable of living the pace, vibration, and shock that the timepieces were being forced to endure. This helped Bremont develop the slogan that their watches have been “analyzed beyond endurance. “Much of the durability is due to the “Trip-Tick” situation which is made to be shock-resistant. Inside the watch is a particular anti-shock and vibration mount for your motion. This is designed to absorb shock which would otherwise hurt the relatively-speaking fragile mechanical motion inside of the watch case. The situation also makes use of a soft iron Faraday cage shield to protect the motion from magnetism. While the U-2 view collection is different from the Martin Baker set, they discuss the same case and motion, have exactly the same price, and the U-2 watches do actually have Martin Baker branding on the rear of the situation. So to me, the Bremont U2 and Martin Baker watches are one in the same.

Only 240 steel and 50 18k rose gold Codebreakers will be produced. To mark each piece, Bremont Velcro Watch Strap Replica secured five extremely rare punch cards from the Bletchley Park code breaking machine. Segments of the punchcards are used on the side of the Codebreaker’s case, denoting each piece’s unique serial number. Additionally, the crown is inlaid with wood from the floorboards of “Hut 6,” the epicenter of Bletchley Park, where data was processed daily to break encrypted messages from the German armed forces. 

The Codebreaker is powered by Bremont’s BE-83AR, a self-winding chronograph with 46-hour power reserve based on the Valjoux 7750. The movement was heavily modified to suit Bremont’s specifications; most notably, a flyback mechanism was added along with a GMT hand. On the etched metal dial you’ll notice a seconds sub-register positioned between 7 and 8 o’clock along with a 30-minute sub-register between 4 and 5 o’clock, both featuring a “0” and “1” motif. A large date aperture rounds everything out at 6 o’clock.

As Bremont continues to expand its presence worldwide, the company has also announced a partnership with aviation giant Boeing. Bremont will manufacture a new range of mechanical wristwatches with Boeing’s advanced materials to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary. Expect to see a range of watches using materials from Boeing’s UK-based Advanced Manufacturing Research Center as well as a more limited range using actual airplane parts.

The Bremont Codebreaker is now available in stainless steel directly from at a price of $22,000. For more information, visit Bremont online.