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Because of this I had been especially interested in this Bremont merchandise when Timeless Luxury Watches first announced it on aBlogtoWatch about a year ago at the time of composing. I got hooked on the watch, and now provide a follow-up inspection based on this handsome and intriguing Bremont watch. I think that the timepiece also functions as a testament of the allure of this new – insofar that a retailer that carries the manufacturer is excited enough by what they do to order a customized product to their particular standards.I first reviewed a Bremont U2 (U-2) wait back in 2010 as it was first released. It was a modification of the Bremont Martin Baker collection – equipped using the famed UK-based ejection seat maker. I was fortunate enough to stop by Martin Baker myself a few years back while in England. While there, they presented me with a box of Bremont watch prototypes used during actual ejection seat testing while the Martin Baker models were being developed. It was interesting to learn how the two companies worked together, and to find that the true evidence of the way Bremont worked with Martin Baker to really produce watches capable of living the velocity, vibration, and shock the timepieces were being made to survive. This all helped Bremont develop the slogan that their watches are “analyzed beyond endurance. “Much of the durability is thanks to the “Trip-Tick” case which is designed to be shock-resistant. Within the watch is a special anti-shock and vibration bracket for your motion. This is designed to absorb shock that would otherwise harm the relatively-speaking delicate mechanical motion within the watch case. The situation also uses a soft iron Faraday cage protect to defend the movement from magnetism. While the U-2 watch collection is different from the Martin Baker collection, they discuss the identical situation and motion, have the same price, and the U-2 watches do in fact have Martin Baker branding on the back of the situation.

What is it about spy movies and watches? Bond had his Rolex (and now his OMEGA) and Bourne had his TAG Heuer. Those characters’ movies featured watches as subtle (okay, sometimes not so subtle) product placements. But the forthcoming spy action thriller “Kingsman: The Secret Service” not only has watches front and center, its producers and costume designers also actually had three watches commissioned especially for it. Those watches are from Bremont, based on two of the brand’s existing chronographs, but with some unique features and the fictional secret organization’s logo on their dials.

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The three Kingsman watches are differentiated for their respective roles in the movie, with a black DLC steel version of Bremont’s ALT1-B2 GMT watch for new field operative recruits and a rose-gold piece with white dial based on the existing ALT1-WT world time chronograph for the seasoned veteran agents. There’s also a steel version of the World Timer that is worn by a non-agent that is part of the collection as well. All watches feature Bremont’s standard spec sheet of Trip-Tick case, 100-meter water resistance and a modified chronometer-certified 7750 movement. While the DLC version looks largely like Bremont’s existing ALT1-B2 watch, the rose-gold one is the first we’ve seen that case material on Bremont’s world timer. All three watches sport the cryptic Kingsman logo in the lower subdial. Until the movie comes out on February 13th, we won’t know if the watches will fire darts or grappling hooks but they have already been featured prominently in teaser ads and movie trailers since last fall. 

The Bremont watches aren’t the only bit of wardrobe co-branding in the movie. In fact, it is part of an entire new Kingsman menswear label created through a collaboration between the movie makers and British menswear purveyor, Mr. Porter. The wardrobe features clothing and accessories, including the watches, from British brands such as Turnbull and Asser, George Cleverly and Drake’s, among others, and will be available only from Mr. Porter and select Bremont boutiques. This collaboration doesn’t bother to tiptoe around product placement; rather it blows it wide open and merges a movie and a brand, hoping that moviegoers will love the film so much they’ll want to dress like the actors in it. That remains to be seen but regardless, keep an eye on the wrists of Colin Firth, Mark Strong, and Michael Caine when the movie hits theaters next month. Oh, and if you look really hard, you’ll spot Bremont co-founder Nick English, who has a cameo in the film. 

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Pricing for the Kingsman collection of Bremonts is set at $6,495 for the steel version, $6,650 for the DLC, and $20,285 for the rose gold. More info on the Kingsman watches and Mr. Porter collaboration here.