Guide To Buying A Photo Report Hands-On With The New Bremont Supermarine 2000 (PLUS: See It In NYC Next Week With HODINKEE!) Replica Trusted Dealers

Last week we introduced you to the new mega-diver from the Brothers Bremont Watches Edinburgh Replica – the Supermarine 2000.  As the name suggests, this new 45mm diver is good to a whopping 2000 meters, meaning this bad boy is about as mean a diver as you could ask for.  We had one pass through the HODINKEE offices just this weekend so we thought we’d snap a few photos for you.  Enjoy.

You can read more about the new S2000 right here.

Limited edition watches made solely for retailers is becoming more and more popular nowadays, even if it’s a practice that has legacy going back many (many) years ago. It was the simple fact that merchant names really were the name on the dialup, and the company that made the watches did not have some branding on the lookout in any way, or in relatively secret spots like on the movement.Most “exclusive” watches made by means of a brand for a particular retailers aren’t really that special. They offer some colour or dial differences, but tend to only provide small heights of exclusivity such a customer would believe they are especially special in contrast to the stock version of the watch. In the majority of instances, retailer-exclusive watches are for the benefit of the retailer, so they feel as if they have something original and special to offer to their own customers.Once in a while, a limited edition watch created for a retailer really catches my eye, and I really like the practice of doing so in general. Retailers not only have a normal interaction with customers and understand what sells, but more significantly know their own clients as well as their own tastes. So the best case scenario for a limited edition watch made exclusively for a merchant is that the watch is far more desirable or sellable than stock models.

See the new Bremont S2000 in NYC next week.