Good Quality Hands-On With The Bremont ALT1-WT World Timer (Live Photos, Availability, & Pricing) Eta Movement Replica Watches

Bremont makes some really tough, very werable, everyday pieces.  The watches are incredibly well built, and as Ben told you in the FT a few months back, all of them will soon be built in a state of the art Bremont Watches Reading Replica facility not in the Vallee de Joux, but in the United Kingdom.  See how the dial above says “London” at 6 o’clock and not “Swiss Made?”

At Basel World this year, we got a chance to preview what could be a really hot seller for Bremont, the ALT1-WT World Timer.  This new watch combines the funcationality of a chronograph with an easy to use world-time function and UTC hand.  It is also nice to see the dial on this world-timer take a step up when compared to the less expensive Solo models and classic Martin-Baker line.  As is becoming the norm for Bremont, this watch is the commercial version of a watch originally produced for a military unit, in this case the C-17 Globemaster.

Because of this I had been especially interested in this Bremont product when Classic Luxury Watches first declared it on aBlogtoWatch about one year ago at the time of composing. I got hooked on the watch myself, and provide a follow-up inspection based on this really handsome and interesting Bremont watch. I believe that the timepiece also functions as a testament of this appeal of the new – insofar that a retailer that carries the brand is excited by what they do to order a customized product to their particular standards.I first reviewed a Bremont U2 (U-2) watch back in 2010 when it was first released. It was a modification of this Bremont Martin Baker collection – designed with all the famous UK-based ejection seat maker. I had been lucky enough to visit Martin Baker myself a couple of years ago while in England. While there, they presented me with a box of Bremont watch prototypes utilized during actual ejection seat testing while the Martin Baker versions were being developed. It was intriguing to learn how the two companies worked together, and to find the actual evidence of how Bremont worked together with Martin Baker to actually produce watches capable of surviving the pace, vibration, and shock that the timepieces were forced to survive. This helped Bremont come up with the motto that their watches are “analyzed beyond endurance. “A lot of this durability is thanks to this “Trip-Tick” case that’s designed to be shock-resistant. Inside the watch is a particular anti-shock and vibration bracket for your motion. This is designed to absorb shock which would otherwise harm the relatively-speaking fragile mechanical movement inside of the watch case. The situation also makes use of a soft iron Faraday cage shield to defend the movement from magnetism. While the U-2 view collection is distinct from the Martin Baker collection, they discuss the identical situation and motion, have the exact same price, and also the U-2 watches do in fact have Martin Baker branding on the back of the case.

Inside the outstanding Bremont Trip-Tick case is a modified ETA movement that Bremont is calling “calibre 13 1/4” BE-54AE automatic chronometer”.  With Bremont, and knowing who their technical director is (Peter Roberts – look him up), you can be confident in knowing the movement has received a proper work over (plus the addition of world-time module of course) and a nice looking skeletonized rotor.

The size of the Bremont World Timer will be 43mm and will come with both a leater strap (as pictured) and nylon velcro guy from GasGas bones, as always.  The price of this watch is a very reasonable $5695 and they will hit stores by the middle of this summer.  It will be available in white, blue, and black, and more details can be found here.