High Quality Replica Oris 73576414364RS BC3 For Men

The replica Oris 73576414364RS is an affordable watch but everyone now and then I do enjoy taking a look at a luxury Swiss made watch like this automatic timepiece from Oris.

High Quality Replica Oris 73576414364RS BC3 For Men

My Initial Thoughts On This Fake Watch

This fake timepiece from Oris has a lot of brilliant features I love to see in a watch, and I’ll be taking a look at each of them in time. Oris have been making excellent quality luxury timepieces for quite some time now, and with that comes the extra expected cost.

The fake watch is Swiss made,  which has an excellent scratch resistant glass that I’ll explain more about shortly. One of my favourite features of this fake watch is the exhibition caseback that allows you to take a look at the inner workings of the watch (There’s a picture of this further below).

I like this clear design for the dial. The way the white numerals stand out over the black dial makes them very easy to read, it’s interesting the way they’ve made the 12, 9, and 3 bolder in their design. As I’m sure some of you could have guessed, the hands and numbers are coated in a

As I’m sure some of you could have guessed, the hands and numbers are coated in a long-lasting lume that makes the watch even easier to read in dim lit conditions.


Type of glass

As I had expected to see this watch has an excellent sapphire crystal glass protection the front and rear of the watch. Sapphire glass has a Mohs hardness rating of 9 and are extremely scratch resistant. As we’ve also come to expect from luxury watches, this model’s glass is coated in an anti-reflective anti-glare treatment.


With a case diameter of 42mm this is classed as a large men’s watch. This is a very popular size for men’s watches these days as people are going for larger and larger designs. The thickness of the casing is 11mm which means it avoids being overly chunky and sits nicely on the wrist.


I rather like the interesting date display on this watch, it’s not too often you see them display one over the other like this. It isn’t perpetual though so you’ll have to adjust it for the varying amount of days in each month.

Watch strap and clasp

This replica Oris watch has a nice, comfy black rubber strap with a stand buckle to fasten it with. The strap is 22mm wide that makes it just slightly larger than standard but it still fits in nicely with the whole theme of the watch.

Oris 73576414364RS Exhibition caseback


Brand: Oris

Model: 73576414364RS

Dial Window Material: Sapphire front and back

Clasp Type: Buckle Clasp

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 42mm

Case Thickness: 11mm

Band Material: Rubber

Band Width: 22mm

CalendarStandard Date & Day Display

Water Resistance Rating: 100m



I’ve quite enjoyed taking you on a walk through of this fake watch from Oris. It has everything I’d expect to see in a fake Swiss-made luxury watch from this brand. I love the impressive automatic movement and the way you can take a look at it through that exhibition caseback. Overall I’d say it’s a very good fake watch that is well worth checking out.