Swiss Grade Bremont Shows A B1 Marine Clock Hand-Painted By Ronnie Wood….Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones Replica For Sale

Timeless Luxury Watches told me that their visual mission for its U2/T was to imagine a more retro-version of the U2. The thought was to ask themselves the question of exactly what the U2 would be like when Bremont designed it during World War II. Their principle aesthetic guide was that the P-51 Mustang fighter plane. To that end you’ll be able to see a celebrity on the next crown, which is intended to evoke the emblem seen on the P-51 and some other American fighter planes at the time.While a number of these color themes in the watch are retro-inspired, I don’t really think of this U2/T as a retro-style watch. Rather, I find it focusing on particular colors, fabrics, and a welcome sense of design restraint plenty of watch collectors are searching for these days. While most Bremont aviation watches are very functional in their layout, the U2/T feels both functional and very stylish. In certain ways, Timeless got Bremont to combine the looks of a U2 and Solo to a brand new watch with a specific color-theme they wanted. I believe that the result is really pleasant and identifying looking.

Bremont showed us their marine chronometer, the B1 Marine Clock last year around this time.  But, in Monaco last week, they showed a unique Marine clock that, on top of featuring improved specs like a water-tight case and simpler setting options, was actually hand-painted by Ronnie Wood.  Yup, the same Ronnie Wood that started his career with the Byrds Birds and ended up playing with the Stones. 

But, having Wood paint this clock isn’t as random as one may assume – Wood is actually a fairly accomplished artist and even trained at Ealing Art College.  No word on pricing or availability, but interesting none the less.

(Images & Story via In2Watches)