Top 10 Introducing The Bremont Supermarine 2000, An Even Deeper Diver Replica At Best Price

Bremont Supermarine 2000

Bremont has released the latest version of its diver, the
Supermarine 2000. This one, as the name suggests, is rated for a whopping 2,000
meters of water pressure. Given the British brand’s claim that the Supermarine’s
prior iteration was tested well beyond its 500 meter rating, and their almost obsessive focus on ruggedness, we’re pretty sure this one could
go even deeper than advertised.

Beyond the water resistance ensured by its patented Trip-Tick
steel case, this Supermarine also boasts Bremont’s usual arsenal of movement
The AC 1 case’s mostly steel substance is also completely polished, which adds a tasteful and decorative component to the watch. Bremont even made the event somewhat thinner for certain models such as the AC I. The caseback feels somewhat thinner or it may just be an optical illusion. A more expansive sapphire crystal display back offers a view of the base ETA mechanical movement, but in addition the red-color strips which constitute the exceptional shock-absorption system meant to protect the movement in the event the case is dropped or exposed to harsh jolt or vibrations.At 100 meters water resistant and without a screw-down crown, the AC I is not as durable as a dedicated Bremont dip watch — but it is durable enough. With its comfy blue rubber band, I didn’t have any problems wearing the AC 1 over a wetsuit while spending some time swimming at the beach. I took the AC 1 a couple feet underwater. I am able to say that legibility was excellent given the high-contrast face. I had been advised that the gasket system from the crown ought to be enough to keep the watch dry in the depths people encounter during recreational diving.The issue I had been asking myself while wearing the Bremont AC I’m if I had suddenly just discovered a gentlemen’s game watch when I was believing I was wearing a gentlemen’s watch. You see, the very simple but captivating lines on the dial of the watch are not what I normally catch for as someone who enjoys sportier, more aggressive designs. Here, we’ve got a terrace clock-style dial with serif ribbon hour numerals, blue-colored steel palms (properly-sized might I add) and a textured silvery dial using a pattern generated from replicating images of the ‘Auld Mug’ trophy cup that is presented to the winner of the America’s Cup.
protection features, like a soft iron Faraday cage for repelling magnetism to a shock
absorbing movement holder that protects the chronometer-certified calibre from
vibration and impacts. The luminescent sapphire bezel, unique crown protector, dial, and oddly elegant hand design are all carried over from the Supermarine 500.

Helium Release Valve on the S2000

Also inherited from the Supermarine 500 is the helium
release valve on the 9 o’clock side of the case. We’re not going to get too excited about helium
release valves, but we’ll cut Bremont some slack since they did create a special
version Supermarine, known as the North Sea, made available only to North Sea commercial divers. Commercial diver, author, and bona fide watch nerd, Tony Groom, is a
friend of the brand, so we know some of these watches’ burp valves may actually see some

Engraved Caseback

Beyond the obvious water resistance rating, differences
between the S500 and the new S2000 include a larger case diameter, now a relatively massive 45 millimeters, and a subtle but welcome addition of a round lume flag on the
sweep seconds hand. The watch
is also only available in a sober black on black color scheme with touches
All this is visible via a sapphire caseback. Having a case diameter of 43mm, this ought to give the watch lots of weight and presence on the wrist – especially with the gold instance materials.The situation is assembled with all the brand’s signature TripTick method, which gives the case ring and lugs their signature look in the side and rear. It has a sporty double-step bezel and a large (possibly, a bit too large) knurled crown, and round pushers. All in all, the case does seem like that of a large, contemporary pilot’s watch with a sporty edge.The dial nevertheless, is not as quickly legible as one may expect from an aviation watch, as pilot watches make a point of being simple and super legible. Each case material comes with its knob color — blue for your white gold case, black to the increased gold case, and white for the steel case. At first glance, it’s easy to confuse the dial up for this of a moonphase chronograph as a result of index at 6:00 — but that is in reality the AM/PM index. This indicator has been made to depict the Spitfire dogfighting in the Battle of Britain from the AM and the Avro Lancaster bomber to a night mission in the PM.
of red on the dial, the seconds hand, and the bezel’s zero triangle (cues borrowed from
Beneath the Bremont Watches Where Are They Made Replica logo on the back of the AC I (and other America’s Cup versions) is your “America’s Cup” name. Aside from this subtle text (along with the dial layout theme) there is nothing that connects this view with the America’s Cup. Sometimes I worry that event-branded watches will feel stale in the future, however cool they are in the time. Just how much will somebody care about an event from 2017 in 2027 when they stare at their watch? This view feels more inspired by the establishment of this event versus one particular season or season. Thus, the Bremont America’s Cup watches have a tendency to feel more inspired by the sport than a specific implementation of the game — if that is reasonable. Though it does help if you have some admiration for the sport generally. So at the very least, you have seen other decorative visuals that permit you to be aware of where the dial design came from.A fairly spoken rule at Bremont seems to be that regardless of what purpose one of their watches has, it ought to be a timeless, elegant, assertive, and classy design. The AC I’m most sure that, even if it risks looking boring to some people. I will admit that while I always respected the expression of the AC I, I was a little bored by it initially. Bremont did not do anything wrong with this, but I wasn’t sure that there was a market to get a thick three-hander that seemed like a slightly more masculine variant of the IWC Portuguese.
the aforementioned North Sea special edition).

The Supermarine 2000 will be sold on Bremont’s excellent
thick rubber strap and a steel bracelet. No word yet on pricing. We’ll be getting
our hands on this one very soon so watch this space for more.

Check out Bremont’s website for more info.