High Grade Bremont To Auction Off Squadron-Only C-17 Globemaster Wristwatch For Charity, Bids Accepted By Email Japanese Movement Replica

Under the Bremont emblem on the back of the AC I (along with other America’s Cup versions) is your “America’s Cup” name. Other than this subtle text (along with the dial layout motif) there is not anything that connects this view with the America’s Cup. Sometimes I fear that event-branded watches will feel stale in the long run, no matter how cool they are in the time. Just how much will somebody care about an event from 2017 at 2027 when they stare at their watch? I’m not certain, but you can see why event-tied limited edition watches normally fear me as a collector.With that said, the America’s Cup integration here seems somewhat different. This view feels more motivated by the establishment of this event versus one specific season or season. Thus, the Bremont America’s Cup watches have a tendency to feel more motivated by the sport than a particular execution of the game — if that is reasonable. So, you don’t have to have participated in the recently-ended America’s Cup series to enjoy this view. Though it will help when you have some appreciation for the sport in general. So at the least, you’ve seen other aesthetic visuals that allow you to be aware of where the dial design came from.A fairly spoken rule at Bremont appears to be that regardless of what purpose among the watches has, it needs to be a classic, tasteful, assertive, and classy design. The AC I’m most sure that, even if it risks looking boring to some people. I’ll admit that while I always respected the look of the AC I, I was a little bored by it at first. Bremont did not do anything wrong with this, but I wasn’t sure that there was a market to get a thick three-hander that seemed like a slightly more masculine version of the IWC Portuguese.

The Brothers Bremont are making fifty specialty watches for the operators of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster 3 airplane.  The watches will never be sold to civilians, but now you have one chance to purchase one via a charity auction.  100 percent of the proceeds from this sealed bid auction will go to charity, 50% to BLESMA and 50% to RAFA.

The C-17 watches are in production right now and the delivery date will be before the end of October 2011.  Bidding starts at 1000GBP and bids are being taken via email at Info@Bremont.com.  For more details, visit Bremont’s Facebook page.

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