Replica Ronin Rotomatic Hands-On


Ronin Replica Watches  appeared on the  scene a year ago with their first model, the Ronin Pilot. Owner Phil started the brand after lusting after more expensive pilot replica watches. Finding them to be too pricey, he founded Ronin Replica Watches with the motto “quality replica watches at prices that make sense.” His goal was to make replica watches people wanted out of quality materials yet keep the cost down so that they were affordable. So far the brand has offered two models that fit into that mission statement.


The Ronin Pilot fit that philosophy very well: priced at $265 the replica watch had a hand-wind Asian movement, sapphire crystal, a well built case offered in 44m or 47mm, and good luminescence as well. Their follow-up model, also in the pilot’s replica watch style, was the Rotomatic. A smaller replica watch at 42mm with a simpler, cleaner design, the Rotomatic was limited to 60 pieces, each one hand inspected before delivery. Although now sold out, the Rotomatic is a solid enough piece to garner a further look.

Ronin Rotomatic Hands-On

Ronin_09_faceCase: Steel
Movement: Miyota 8215 21 jewel automatic movement
Dial: Black
Lume: Yes
Lens: Domed Sapphire
Strap: Leather NATO; Black textured leather
Water Res: 30M
Dimensions: 42mm x 49mm
Thickness: 13mm
Lug Width: 22mm
Price: Sold-Out ($315 when new)


When designing the case of the Rotomatic, Ronin specifically wanted to create a smaller replica watch than their previous release, the Pilot. They chose a case size of 42mm for the Rotomatic, with a very reasonable lug-to-lug distance of 49mm. This puts the replica watch in a size category that will fit a multitude of wrist sizes. The bezel of the case has a polished finish and the rest is brushed. The overall finishing on the case is excellent throughout and has the look and feel of that of a much more expensive piece. The lack of crown guards gives the replica watch a very clean look and is of course reminiscent of other replica watches in this pilot style. The crown is easy to grip and set the time without any issue. The crown does not screw down which on a pilot replica watch, from a historical perspective, makes sense.


Flipping the replica watch over reveals the screw down case back which is simply adorned. Rather than list out the replica watches various features the dial is simply engraved with the 浪 glyph. As stated in the introduction post for the Rotomatic, it is meant as a “direct nod to the masterless samurai of old.”



The clear choice for the Rotomatic was simplicity, which is seen clearly in the dial. The dial style is still in the B-Uhr vein with the dual dot flanked triangle at 12 with stick markers on the minutes. The markers at the hour are still stick, but thicker and longer to denote their dual function. The dial text is nearly non-existent: only “ROTOMATIC” adorns the dial right above six o’clock. There is no brand name listed on the dial under 12 o’clock as is traditional (in fact, there is no brand name anywhere on the replica watch, just the logo glyph). This provides for a very sterile look, which some have called unbalanced with the lack of text at 12 balancing out the text at 6.


The hands on the replica watch compliment the style with a set of sword hands. The hands are luminescent filled and outlined in black nearly matching the dial color. The seconds hand is a solid white. The lume on the hands is a blueish color and could be stronger, but still works. It does not appear it would be viewable throughout the night, however, but is enough to see within the first hour or two. Protecting the dial and hands is a slightly domed sapphire crystal, which is a great option at this price point.


Straps and Wearability

The Ronin Rotomatic shipped with two straps, a textured black leather and a soft, leather NATO. Each strap lends to a very different look and feel for the replica watch. The black leather has a soft padding on the back and a very nice texture on the front of the strap. The strap really dresses up the replica watch and gives it the feel of costing much more than $315. The strap has black stitching to match the strap and a silver brushed buckle. It is a very comfortable strap and has enough holes to fit a wrist span of about 6.25″ to 7.5″.


The NATO strap is soft and thick leather with brushed stainless steel hardware. The length of the strap will fit even the beefiest of wrists. The 42mm diameter and 49mm length of the Rotomatic case make it a very comfortable wear. The thin bezel gives the illusion of the replica watch wearing larger than it really is; ignoring that trick of the eye the Rotomatic is a joy to wear. NATO straps (whether nylon or leather) give it a more sporty look and a clean leather strap can dress it right up. The height is not restrictive to fitting under a shirt cuff either, making it a good choice for more formal dress choices as well.



Inside the Rotomatic is the Miyota 8215 automatic movement. The 8215 is a well known movement that has been in production since 1977. It is a 21 jewel movement with a beat rate of 21,600 vph. The movement is an automatic and can also be hand wound. It does not “hack” however, which many consider to be the biggest flaw of the movement. The power reserve of the movement is approximately 42 hours. Presumably Ronin chose the 8215 over the more favorable 9015 to keep the cost of the replica watch down. The 8215 is a robust movement having been described as “bomb proof” by some and “built like a tank” by others. With the Rotomatic being in the pilot replica watch style the lack of a hacking seconds hand is disappointing, however also not a deal breaker.



The Ronin Rotomatic is the second offering by the young brand and is an impressive piece. The fit and finish are excellent and on par with far more expensive replica watches. It has a legible dial, clean and simple look and a great pair of straps. While the luminescence could be better and some might not like the movement choice it is still a very solid and well done piece. While no longer available they have been popping up on the secondary market at sill reasonable prices. Ronin is working on their next release and while there has not been any information yet we here at worn&wound are very excited about what this upstart brand has to offer.