The most complicated replica watch in the world unveiled

Three dedicated master replica watchmakers, 8 years in the making, 57 complications – all new – and a tight secret from the world, until September 17… Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most complicated replica watch ever made: the Reference 57260, by Vacheron Constantin.

Commissioned by an anonymous American collector back in 2007, the end result and groundbreaking innovations were not something that could have been imagined when drawing up the initial concepts. The brief was short and sharp – he wanted the most technically advanced and complicated timepiece in the world. Vacheron delivered, in a big way.

The Reference 57260, bearing the hallmark of Geneva, is a double-dial horological masterwork of hitherto unimaginable complexity. Featuring 57 new complications, to see the mechanisms at work is something of a incomprehensible marvel. There is so much going on, insanely intricate movements, made possible by atom-sized screws and cog teeth smaller than those found in the mouth of a stickleback.

It is a true masterclass in replica watchmaking. But I don’t want to say too much… you’ll have to wait to read The Winter Issue of The Gentleman’s Journal for all the amazing details of the eight-year project…