Introducing The Wanderlust Paris Pocket Replica Watch Collection

When I see pocket replica watches, I’m always fascinated by it because I see simplicity in action. Compared to how we do things today, pocket replica watches don’t seem to be that useful especially if you have a company issued smartphone for your daily work. Other than telling time, it can do so much more like notifying you about your next agenda or simply reminding you about something although these endless notifications simply take so much time to sort things out. I have to mention this because this is what drives the Kickstarter project Wanderlust Replica Watches to make their modern version of the pocket replica watch. Besides being cheap, I mean come on this is a Kickstarter project… also, you get to support what the team supports which is wildlife conservation, a chance to give back.


The design of this pocket replica watch arises from the need to overhaul the traditional pocket replica watch, meaning letting go of the bulkiness and the thickness which does not make a sense in today’s fashion statement. If you like skinny jeans, having this pocket replica watch around would be quite a burden. So Wanderlust’s answer is to make it thinner and modern thanks to its thin power horse and lovely stylistic dial. This design philosophy comes alive on their Paris Collection which comes with 3 distinct colors inspired by the Paris ambiance, Vaugirard, Le Marais, and Champs-Elysees.
Le Marais

Besides the wonderful design, the materials used are top notch. The case is made from 316L stainless steel and measures at 8mm, therefore, answering the bulky thingy. It also weighs in at 60g which is very light indeed. There is also the premium sapphire glass which we all know are scratch resistant. Imagine not having to worry about bumping your pocket replica watch with your car keys for example which would normally scratch a regular glass. We also get to see a nice quartz movement based on the Swiss Ronda Movement 763 sporting precision and performance.

Where this pocket replica watch shines is its simplicity but not so much that it affects its fashion statement. The dials employ minimalist design but for me, it’s more than that. Having to easily flick out this pocket replica watch with ease and read time instantaneously is thousands times better than being distracted by countless notification on a smartphone. Plus the looks of the darker dial version is mesmerizing. Moreover, I appreciate its price point which honestly the selling factor of this timepiece.

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